Mistakes People Make While Writing CV/Resume | How To Avoid Mistakes

CV/resume writing is very important to every job seeker, why many fail to get a job is as a result of mistakes made while writing CV/resume. People make so many mistakes when writing cv/resume, while this markets your potential. Mistakes People Make While Writing CV/Resume – an article written to help you avoid mistakes and make your CV/resume the best.

CV/resume increases your chance of getting a job. That is why this should be well take and presented. Your CV/resume defines you to your employer; it markets your skills and tells who you are. That is why we thought it wise to give you this tips in other to avoid mistakes people make while writing CV/resume and how to avoid it. Continue reading

How To Avoid Mistakes People Make While Writing CV/Resume

The following are mistakes people make while writing CV/resume and how to avoid it

Grammatical errors And Typos

This is major Mistakes people make while writing CV/Resume is grammatical errors. When you make mistakes in your grammar the company will take it that you are not serious and see it as incapability to be suitable for the job. This mistake this qualifies people who are most suitable for job. When they are grammatical error or typographical errors the company will conclude that “This person obviously doesn’t care.” or “This person can’t write”.

How To avoid It

  1. Reread you CVs/resume after reading if possible give to someone that is grinded in grammar to go through it
  2. Make sure you review you resume/cv after it is been typed


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Emphasis More On Duties Rather than Accomplishments

Employers are not ready to hear your accomplishments. They want to hear your duties in your previous working place “the works you have done”.

CV/resume don’t need much of your accomplishments like

  • Attended group meetings and recorded minutes;
  • Updated departmental files.

Rather will be delighted to hear and read of your duties like

  • Developed three daily activities for preschool-age children and prepared them for a 10-minute holiday program performance.
  • Reorganized 10 years worth of unwieldy files, making them easily accessible to department members.

How To Avoid It

  1. Make your duties your priority when writing CV/resume


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Terrible objectives

I call it terrible objective because it will keep you unemployed. Employers do read your CV/resume objectives; focus on the needs that will be beneficial to you and to the company. State objectives that will give you opportunity to contribute your skills.

How To Avoid It

  1. Make your objectives clear and short, easy to read. It must be straight to the point


Not Mentioning Essential Information

Job seekers go on writing and mentioning things that are not important when writing their CV/resume. Example, you might fail to mention your skills, experience gained which are more important to employee to know than mention your hobbies and others.

How To Avoid It

  1. Firstly take note of essential points required in your CV/resume
  2. Mention those points first before other minor things.


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Incorrect Contact Information

Many people supply incorrect information that will not lead to contact then. Most people are not employed today because of that. Make sure you supply your employee with correct information that is true. This shows your truthfulness and increases your opportunity of getting the job.

How To Avoid It

  1. Review your CV/resume details even at the last minute of submission.
  2. Make sure you entered valid contact address – your current and active phone number, email and resident address


Using Various Pattern Of Writing CV/Resume

Using various pattern to write resume is part of Mistakes People Make While Writing CV/Resume. I advise you to stick to one pattern and maintain it when writing. Based on experience, companies check your writing pattern.

How To Avoid It

  1. Chose one CV/resume pattern and stick to it. Search on our site and download a CV template that will be suitable for any job application or you can CLICK HERE.


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