Main Reasons Student Fail Their Various Examinations – Causes of Failure in Schools

What can one say could be the main reasons Student Fail their Examinations in school? The reason can be far fetch but really there is a saying that says, he who fails to prepare prepares to fail., no doubt that is really true.

After reading the following main reasons student fail their various Examinations, i will be giving you will try to buckle up. Here are the main reasons student fail their Various Examinations.

Main Reasons Student Fail Their Various Examinations

  •  Laziness: One of the main reasons student fail  their various examinations is as a result of laziness. Show me a man who is Lazy and and i will show you a man who does not read is books. There is always a saying by a Lecturer“we don’t have dumb students, but lazy students ”When a student is lazy, he finds it difficult go to classes, to read, do solve problems on assignment, and make researches and other things that can ensure examination success. How will it be possible to answer questions in an examination hall and you start be chewing your Biro simply because you don’t know what to write? Exam success is all about hard work and not magic. Do your best and leave the rest but some student will prefare cheating.

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  •  Procrastination: Another reason why student fail examinations is Procrastination. Procrastination they say is the thief of time, When the time things are to be done you leave it for another day whereby you ought to do it that day, this causes failure in an Examination. Therefore i put it to you to do that which you are to do and don’t leave it for another day its very dangerous and will lead to failure.
  • Friends: Some friends can make or mare you, therefore mind the company you keep.there are some friends who don’t mind when ever they fails an Exam, then you are also preparing to fail. Bad friends would make sure they discourage you from studying  very hard for exams, since you can’t beat them, you join them, see to it that you join them in missing lectures and change your mindset that you can never pass.
  • Bad Reading Habits: Getting a good posture for reading determines how one understands what is being read. Most students don’t know how to read and the conditions that best suit their body system. It baffles me how students who haven’t read throughout the semester would want to cover every topic in just one week prior exam. How will you assimilate what you read and digest.

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  • Finance: One of the reasons why students fail exams is their financial challenges. Poor financial capability can hinder students from buying materials that would enhance exam success. They finds it difficult to get materials for studying and Laptop or smartphones to make their research and assignments easier. When student are paying for excursions to would also be difficult. Student without financial capability would be forced to look out for another option which contribute to ones failure.

If these write up has really help you to know the main rain reasons student  fail please make good use of the comment box below and say something.Thanks.

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