Do you know that as a Nigerian you have various opportunities traveling to many countries without visa. This page contains List of Visa Free Countries for Nigerians. These countries are regarded as VISA free countries. Most of them are based in Africa. Even though that Visa requirements for these countries varies, some of the countries listed below will issue you a VISA at arrival.


For one to have access to these countries you must have possess and international passport. Note that many countries conduct visa lottery, for you to get update on them – countries like USA, UK, BRAZIL and others. Kindly subscribe to our E-mail free update we will notify you when it is on.


Travel For Free – List of Visa Free Countries for Nigerians


  1. Ghana

Ghana is one of the most interesting west Africa countries, Ghana is a free country VISA for Nigerians. Moreover for you to enter Ghana you must show a return ticket and passport.


  1. Republic of Benin

Nigerians are allowed to travel to Benin without any VISA or requirement. The time stay is limited to 3 months after that you are required to produce a VISA

  1. Burkina Faso

The third on our list is Burkina Faso. This place you can visit there without VISA and there is no time limit of your stay just as you wish.


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  1. Cameroon


If you a Nigerian and you travel out of this country, Cameroon is a better choice. It is a Visa free country for Nigerians. Your stay duration in this country is for 90 days after which you are expected to have applied for VISA.

  1. Barbados

To have a free trip to Barbados you don’t need a visa but an E-passport, and evidence that you have a enough fund in your account and a ticket to return. Although your stay there is limited, you can stay for 6 months only.


  1. Cape Verde

Cape Verde is another VISA free country. You don’t need a visa to stay in Cape Verde as long as you can prove to the official that you won’t be staying beyond your alloted time. You can benefit from this by presenting your returning Ticket with stipulated date.


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List of Visa Free Countries for Nigerians – Continue Reading


  1. Chad

You can stay in Chad for as long as 3 months without a visa. You will need to provide a return ticket to indicating that you won’t be staying permanently.

  1. Gambia

Gambia is another free country if you have a Nigerian passport. But as expected you’ll need to produce a return ticket.

  1. Guinea

You don’t need a visa to visit Guinea but you need to show that you’ll be returning to your country after your trip with a return ticket.

  1. Guinea-Bissau

Guinea Bissau is another country that you can visit without having to apply for a visa but as expected you’ll need to show your return ticket indicating you’ll be returning and sufficient proof of funds showing that you can foot your bill in the course of your trip.

  1. Cote D’Ivoire

If you’d like to learn a littleFrench just by travelling to a French speaking country for a few months without a visa then Cote D’Ivoire it is.

  1. Dominica

This is one of the non-African countries where you don’t need a visa. But you’ll need to provide a return ticket to show that you won’t be staying in the country for good.


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List of Visa Free Countries For Nigerians

Other countries that offers free visa to Nigerian but these countries issues Visa on arrival.

This countries are require return ticket and sufficient fund before you are granted Visa on arrival.

  1. Djibouti
  2. Iran
  3. Tuvalu
  4. Tanzania
  5. Uganda
  6. Timor Leste
  7. Madagascar
  8. Uganda
  9. Georgia
  10. Sri Lanka
  11. Kenya
  12. Maldives
  13. Mozambique
  14. Nauru
  15. Palau
  16. Samoa
  17. Seychelles
  18. Tanzania



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