List of Top Ranking Universities in United Kingdom

Universities Ranks in UKTop 30 British Universities: WE have been able to gather the list of top ranking universities in United Kingdom through the WIKIPEDIA Search, three national rankings of universities in the United Kingdom are published annually.

The Rankings of universities in the United Kingdom is published annually  by The Complete University Guide, The Guardian and jointly by The Times and The Sunday Times. Rankings have also been produced in the past by The Daily Telegraph and the Financial Times.

The main reason of the ranking is pass information to all potential undergraduates applicants about UK universities based on a range of criteria, including entry standards, student satisfaction, staff/student ratio, academic services and facilities expenditure per student, research quality, proportion of Firsts and 2:1s, completion rates and student destinations. All of the league tables also rank universities on their strength in individual subjects.

Here Are List of Top Ranking Universities in United Kingdom (Top 30 British Universities):

Rank (1-10)UniversityRank (11-20)UniversityRank (21-30)University
1University of Cambridge11University of Lancaster21University of Southampton
2University of Oxford12University of York22Newcastle University
3London School of Economics13University of Surrey23University of Glasgow
4Imperial College14Loughborough University24University of Nottingham
5Durham University15University of Bristol25University of Manchester
6University of St Andrews16University of Leicester26University of Sheffield
7University College London17University of Birmingham27Aston University
8University of Warwick18University of Edinburgh28University of Kent
9University of Bath19King’s College London29Queen’s University Belfast
10University of Exeter20University of East Anglia30Royal Holloway London

My next topic I will be explaining the nine major criteria for ranking Universities in UK and other universities around the world. So watch the next article.


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