List of All Time FIFA World Cup Top Goalscorers

World Cup Top Goalscorers

Football is one of the most watched sports in the world at the moment. The FIFA world cup is the most prestigious association football tournament in the world as well as the most widely viewed and followed the sporting event in the world. The FIFA world cup has been awarded every four years since the inaugural tournament in 1930, except in 1942 and 1946 when it was not held because of the Second World War. In this article, we will discuss the list of all-time FIFA world cup top goalscorers.

At the end of every FIFA world cup, awards are been presented to the players and teams for accomplishments other than their final team positions in the tournament. The Golden Boot is one of the awards that is been presented to a player that scores the highest goal in the FIFA world cup and it was first awarded in 1982.

Below are the lists of all-time world cup top goalscorers since the history of FIFA world cup.

List of all-time FIFA World Cup Top Goalscorers

  1. Miroslav Klose

Miroslav Klose is a German retired professional footballer who played as a striker. He is currently a member of the Germany national team’s coaching staff.

Klose is best known for his performances with the Germany national team. He was part of the German squad that won the 2014 FIFA world cup.

He is the top goalscorer in the history of the world cup with 16 goals; having scored five goals in his first debut in the FIFA world cup in 2002 and won the golden boot at the 2006 world cup in Germany by again scoring five times.

He also scored four (4) times in the 2010 world cup and twice at the 2014 world cup, which put him ahead of Ronaldo in the all-time list of world cup top goalscorers with 16 goals. Klose is also the top scorer of all time Germany national team with 137 appearances, scoring 71 goals. He retired from Germany’s national team on 11th August 2014 after they won the 2014 world cup.


  1. Delima Ronaldo

Delima Ronaldo is a retired Brazilian professional footballer who played as a striker. Ronaldo is widely considered to be one of the greatest football players of all time. In his prime, he was known for his dribbling at speed, feints, and clinical finishing.

At age 17, Ronaldo was the youngest member of the Brazilian squad that won the 1994 FIFA World cup. At the 1998 world cup, he received the golden ball award. In 2002 he won his second world cup having scored twice in the final and received the golden boot as tournament’s top goalscorer.

Delima Ronaldo is the second world cup top goalscorers in the history of the world cup with 15 goals which were a world cup record at that time before it was broken by German striker Miroslav Klose.

Delima Ronaldo played for Brazil in 98 matches, scoring 62 goals, and he is the second highest goalscorer for his national team, trailing only pele. He retired from professional football in 2011.


  1. Gerd Muller

Gerd muller is a German retired footballer. A prolific striker renowned for his clinical finishing, especially in and around the six-yard box, he is regarded as one of the greatest goalscorers of all time. Muller started his international career in 1966 and ended on 7 July 1974 with victory at the 1974 world cup at his home stadium Munich.

In 1970 FIFA world cup Gerd Muller scored ten goals where he received the golden boot award as the top goalscorer. He scored four goals in the 1974 world cup. Muller held the all-time goalscoring record in the world cup with 14 goals for 32 years. His record stood until the 2006 tournament, but it was later broken by Brazilian striker Ronaldo.

Gerd Muller was Germany’s all-time leading scorer for almost 40 years, having scored 68 goals in 62 games for West Germany until surpassed by Miroslav Klose.


  1. Just Fontaine

Just Fontaine is one of the world cup top goalscorers and a retired French professional footballer. He is best known for being the record holder for the most goal scored in a single edition of the FIFA world cup with 13 goals in six matches in 1958.

A record which still stands today, he also won the golden boot award for that tournament in that same year. Just Fontaine retired from professional football in 1962.


  1. Pele

Pele is a Brazilian retired professional footballer who played as a forward. A prolific goalscorer was known for his ability to strike powerful and accurate shots with both feet in addition to anticipating his opponent’s movements on the field.

Pele is regarded by many in the sports, including football writers, players, and fans, as the greatest football player of all time. He is the fifth world cup top goalscorer in the list of all-time goalscorers, having scored 12 goals in the FIFA world cup.

Pele began playing for Brazil national football team at the age of 16. He won the FIFA world cup in 1958, 1962, and 1970 is the only player to do so. In 1970 FIFA world cup he also received the golden ball as the player of the tournament. Pele is all time leading goalscorer for Brazil with 77 goals in 92 games.


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