List of Nigerian Currencies Heroes their Date of Birth & Achievements

The question is that do you know the names and List of Nigerian Currencies Heroes their date of birth & Achievements? The Names written on Nigerian currencies has presently being made available for those that don’t know that it is good to read through and get access to good information.

More so, it is ones duty and right obligation to know the list and names of the heroes on Nigerian currencies. It is good to be at least be knowledgeable about some update just as you read the article here. Therefore, scroll down now to see the List of Nigerian Currencies Heroes their Date of Birth & Achievements below.

List of Nigerian Currencies Heroes their Date of Birth & Achievements

Here are the List of the Nigerian Naira Note, their names, date of birth and Achievements;

  1. #5 Note

The Hero on #5 naira note is Alhaji Tafawa Balewa who was the first prime minister of Nigeria (1960 – 1966). He is also known as the premier of Northern region. He was born in the year 1912 and was assassinated in the year 1966 during the first military coup de dat.

  1. #10 Note

The next on the #10 note is known as Alvan Ikoku who was born in the year 1900-1971. He was a politician, Statesman, an Educator and Activist who was an hero of being in the #10 note.

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  1. #20 Note

Murtala Mohammed is seen on the #20 note. From 1975-1976 he was the Head of state whereby he was also assassinated in a military coup. He was born in the Year 1938 and died in the year 1976.

  1. #50 Note

#50 note has identify the three ethnic group which is represented by ‘’WAZOBIA’’ which is Yoruba, Hausa and Igbo. However, their images are shown on both sides of the currency while the other side shows a man catching a fish and means agriculture as its symbol.

  1. #100 Note

The Hero on the #100 note is Chief Obafemi Awolowo who is known to be the premier of western region (1954-1960). He was born on 1909 and died in 1987. He had an achievement as a politician.

  1. #200 Note

The #200 note is well known by the image on it by name Sir Ahmadu Bello who was the Saduana of Sokoto. He was killed from military coup in the year 1966.

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  1. #500 Note

Nnamdi Azikwe is seen on #500 note who was born on 1904-1996. He is the first President of Nigeria and Premier of the Eastern region.

  1. #1000 Note

There are two images on the #100 note which are by name Aliyu Mai-Bornu and Dr. Clement Isong. They were born in the year 1919 and 1920 respectively. They died in the year 1970 and 2000 respectively. Mai-Borno was the then Governor of the central Bank Of Nigeria (1963-1967). Clement Isong letter succeeded him and ruled from 1967-1920.

We guess this article on the List of Nigerian Currencies Heroes their Date of Birth & Achievements has really broadened ones knowledge so far. For more update you can simply stay in touch. Better still use the comment box below for contributions.


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