List of Available Job Opportunities For Nigerians Abroad

For those that have the intention to travel abroad and desire to take up residence and then get a good job There are some List of Available Job Opportunities for Nigerians who which to enroll. In other words, you can work anywhere and rise to the highest peak anywhere in the world not minding your citizenship. Most people keep saying they have nothing doing where as there are alot of jobs which can be done through there own gifted passion.

However, the truth remains that you can always secure a good job abroad and have a good standard of living provided you are hardworking, but you must fully understand a few things and then know what kinds of jobs you could equip yourself with as a Nigerian. You can indeed quell into this great opportunity and before you travel look at the List of Available Job Opportunities For Nigerians Abroad below.

List of Available Job Opportunities for Nigerians Abroad

  1. Teaching

If you are interested in teaching, the opportunity is always available so this means you can always work in in places like North America and Europe any others. In the same vein, one can be a primary, secondary, or higher Institution school teacher depending on your educational qualification.

  1. Esthetician

This Job prospect is actually meant for those that knows how to bring out the beauty in people for instance, plaiting hair, cutting of nails, scrub faces, tan the skin, treat skin conditions etc.

There are thousands of beauty products and skin beauty companies in the US, you can actualize that which is needed. However, beauty parlor can be put in place only with affordable sum of money.

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  1. Home Care Taker

The job opportunity is for those that can sweep floors, wash clothes, complete menial domestic chores, administer medications, patch cuts, and dress wounds, bathe sick patients, and generally care for the sick and the elderly.

We will love to inform everyone that working as a home care taker helps you to earn earn an average income of $21,020 or approximately $10 per hour.

  1. ICT Analyst/Professional

To work as a ICT professional there are great other jobs which are attached to the profession which are computer programmer, computer support specialist, computer systems administrator, database administrator, information security analyst, IT manager, software developer, web developer, network administrator and mobile apps developer. However, one can earn an average income of average of $81,190.

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  1. Nurse

As we all know that Nurses are responsible for taking care of patients’ health condition in the hospital, perform medical procedures, and also administer drugs to them. They chart a patient’s progress and help their stay at the hospital bearable.

Nurses sometimes specialize in certain health conditions like diabetes or cancer, or newborns or on body parts. However, they earn an average of $66,220 – with top RNs making as much as $96,320 and some earning less than $45,630..

The Available Jobs for Nigerians Abroad are strictly for subject to one particular procedures as well as requirements for application. As time goes on you will be updated on the process of registration only if you will stay in touch with us. Meanwhile, you can share your thought below.

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