Six Tips to Keep Computer Running Smoothly – Computer Maintenance

The most important thing is to know how to go about the ways to Keep Computer Running Smoothly. In other words, if you want to add much value to the life of your battery you ought to imbibe the right steps and key maintenance tips with the right computer concept.

Consequently, Computer are mostly replaced when they have some little fault in it while some are disposed even when it has not gotten to the point of disposal. But when it comes to knowing the ways to keep computer Running Smoothly they fail to learn how to go about the processes. Below are the ways to main your PC effectively without having any form of fault.

How to Keep Computer Running smoothly

Here are the steps in which you can maintain your computer and keep it running well;

  1. Don’t power off your PC with the Power button

It is not very much advisable to power off your PC when it is still in use but should be shut down by clicking on shut down. But there is a case where you can power off the computer, only when the hard drive fan has stopped rolling. Moreover, to do this simply type Ctrl Alt Delete together which will reboot your computer and will immediately stop it from hanging.

  1. Make use of UPS

To keep your computer running effectively it is much more important to note that when you connect an Uninterrupted Power Supply you will have to still be on the window. It is more superior to and other protector such as surge protector and will protect your computer from burn of either your Charger or PC disaster itself.

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  1. Back Up Files

Backing up your file is another way to maintain your computer and make it run smoothly. There are various ways to back up your files in your PC which is through floppies, Zip disks, CD-RWS, Flash drives and so on. This is done in order not to allow all files to be lost. Copy them and make sure it is kept somewhere.

  1. Scan Your Computer Frequently

Your computer need to be scan at least once a month because this will bring the computer to run smoothly without having and virus or hard drive malware. There are various types of anti-virus scanning software which can be installed in your PC for instance, SMADAV, Norton antivirus etc.

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  1. Don’t Over Load Programs in PC

This will enable your PC to run well most especially when you want to restart or turn on your PC. Your other programs can run by pressing Ctrl Alt Delete together. Therefore, do your computer well by closing up all programs before shutting down, it is preferable to hibernate so that once you want open your window it will return to where you stopped.

  1. Do not unplug your charger when powered

This will short-out the connector socket or the motherboard if not plugged to power supply most especially when it is not fully charged. You can only unplug the charger if it shows any sign of hot temperature.

This is actually ways in which you can Keep Computer Running Smoothly though there are more update to come only if you will stay on this page and use the comment box below and receive feedback immediately.

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