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Job Interview Tips – Ways To Prepare

Job interview is a meeting organized by the employer(s) to examine the employee, whether he/she is worthy of the job applied for. Everyone on earth must meet job interview at a point in once life. Some might turn out bringing fear in you, ending disgracefully. Job Interview can come as panel interview, one-on-one interview or competency interview. Here we have job interview tips that will make you smile and change your situation.

Employer(s) uses the medium of job interview to access the applicant, to check if you are qualified to do the task. This stage determines the fate of the employee, each step taken has a result. Many have failed job interviews as a result of lack of preparation guide. Here we have job interview tips that will help you to prepare for interviews. These steps will help you to gain employment in any company of your choice.

Job Interview Tips – Ways To Prepare

The steps are below

  1. Check Background Of The Company

Research about the company; you should be able to know their goals and aims of the company. Having this in mind makes you to give right answers to asked questions. You should be able to discuss about the company or industry in details. Discuss the way forward of the company, talk much about the position you applied for. Discover and learn about the company or industry’s environment from the workers. You must have used the industry’s website, read about the company in newspapers and magazine articles.


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  1. The Type Of Interview Your Are Going To Face

As I mentioned earlier, there are 3 types of interview. One preparing for job interview must know the type he or she is going to face. The following are types of interview

  • Panel interview- in this type of interview you are been interviewed by more than one person. This type of interview is scary because you will be welcoming questions from different persons in different view of understanding.
  • Competency interview- This is the most advance form of interview. In this type your will be tested in several occasions.
  • One-on-one interview- This is the most common form of interview. You have one on one interaction with the interviewer usually with the boss.


  1. What You Should Wear – dressing code

Your dressing is very important. On the day of your interview; your dressing matters a lot. What you put on contributes much to your possibility of getting the job. Your dressing describes who you are and your profession, put on dress that will make you and your interviewer comfortable. As a lady you don’t have to dress leaving your breast open or any part of your body that might cause distraction. A guy should not sag, make sure whatever your are wearing is well ironed and washed. Polish your shoe and choose a perfect color combination.

  1. Practice For The job interview

This is one of the important job interview Tips. Practice makes perfect people always say. Yes I concur, why many fail to pass job interview because they fail to practice. Many people keep on reading papers filled with questions without thinking of the dramatic part, which is very important.

  1. Participate Actively During Interview

During the interview try to come up with questions, ask questions that will survey the company’s future. Inquire about the interviewer position and how long he/she have worked for the company. Make sure the questions you are asking is in line with what is been discussed during the interview. Don’t respond a sure thing to show how proficient you are; always ask for details whenever you are not cleared. Don’t ask questions for asking sake. Try to read the mind of the interviewer and figure out questions he is likely to ask.


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  1. Make your answers simple and short During The Job Interview

This is where many applicants get hooked up in Job Interview. Always be mindful of the words you use; avoid usage of slangs and words like “hmmmm, you know”. When a question is thrown to you, structure you answer so that you will be talking in 30 to 90 seconds. Example “if you are asked about yourself” when answering the question avoid overture (preamble). Make 3-4 important point about yourself using examples.


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  1. After the interview exchange pleasantries

At the end of the interview try to shake hands with them, create emotion in the hand shake. During the hand shake make sure you put on a warm and smiling face. Try to know when you will be excepting feedback from them.


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  1. Send a mail to the employer or company

One may ask “why sending mail?”.  This is a thank you message. It can be sent to the interviewer or company. Thank them for acknowledging you worthy for the interview and wait for feedback from them. This can be down either through phone sms or email.

We believe that the above tips have helped you. If you have any question concerning Job Interview Tips please make use of the comment box below, share your view and thought.



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