Issuer of New JAMB Registration Number: how to get new jamb Reg No.

We have received lot of calls form students who their JAMB Registration Number needed replacement or issuer of new jamb registration number. Here are causes that leads to Issuer of New JAMB Registration Number;

Most student got admission through Pre-Science with out writing JAMB exam while some where also affected because they got admitted into the institution through Diploma or Direct Entry and Work and Study.

To cut the whole story short, this to inform all candidate who is affected to following the instructions below;

If you are affected, call 08032934651 and you will be told what to do.


The consequence of not getting New JAMB Registration Number:

  1. It will affect the student from school clearance after completing his/her programme
  2. It will also affect the student from not going for NYSC
  3. No post-graduate studies

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