Israeli Prime Minister fight to stop Iran, US deal failed

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Denounced Iran Deal  as ‘Historic Mistake’

The nuclear accord the U.S. and other world powers reached with Iran on Tuesday presents Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu with an extremely painful condition.

With Iran deal reached, what should Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu do now? Because throughout his political career, Netanyahu has fought any accommodation with terrorists and the states that sponsor them chiefly Iran, in the view of most Israelis — even risking his relationship with the White House earlier this year in an effort to block a deal.

Furiously denouncing the accord to limit Iran’s nuclear program on Tuesday as a “historic mistake,” Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that Israel would not be bound by the agreement and warned of negative repercussions in a region already riven with rivalries and armed conflict.

some analysts here are saying that now that an agreement has been reached, the Israeli leader should accept it as a fiat  accomplish and try to repair his relationship with President Obama, which is more tense and troubled than any between an Israeli and American leader in more than 30 years.

But the analysts believe and Netanyahu’s remarks about the deal so far seem to bear them out — that the Israeli leader will opt instead for more confrontation, pressing his allies in the U.S. Congress to derail the accord.

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