Hair is what every woman values most. Many women are faced with the problem of growing their hair naturally. You might have tried many ways but here we have tips on how to improve your hair growth naturally. It is easy and simple. Just with local materials your hair can experience new look.

Having a long hair is frequently considered as a sign of beauty: It also means youth and strength and many people relate it with health as well. Many women will love to be able to grow their hair to a flowing length.


How To Naturally Improve Your Hair Growth

Here are the tips;

  1. Eating nutritious food Its improves your hair growth

For every woman willing to grow her hair naturally, eating food that contains balance diet is very essential. Very food the person eats must contain minerals, vital vitamins and protein. To grow a healthy hair fast and naturally, one must eat food that contains vitamin A, B, E and C. Vitamin B-complex, iron , selenium and magnesium because is extremely important for natural and fast hair growth.

The following varieties of foods like yogurt, brown bread, avocado pears, milk and cabbage makes your hair growth fast. Always drink juices like lettuce juice, orange juice helps to nourish your hair and scalp.

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  1. Use Castor Oil To Massage Your Scalp

Use castor oil to massage your Scalp. This improves your hair growth, when massage your scalp with castor oil it enhances the flow or movement of blood to the scalp. This causes the hair follicles active and when one of your hair follicle is active you will grow more hairs.

How to massage your scalp with castor oil
  • Use either of these oils : peppermint, tea tree oil or lemon oil
  • Warm up the oil
  • Massage the scalp for like 20 minutes with the oil.
  • Leave the oil for 25 to 30 minutes
  • Then wash the oil out of your hair.

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  1. Cut the ends of your hair and comb it

Do not comb your hair too much because excessive combing of the hair can remove the protective cuticle layer of your hair

One may ask why cutting the ends of the hair while it makes my hair shorter. Think of what that will happen when your hair splits in different direction. When this happens this causes it to die off. Trimming the ends part of the hair makes your hair healthy.

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  1. Constant use of hair conditioner

It advisable to use shampoo on your hair two times in a week, that is the best limit of application. But for hair conditioner, use it anytime you want to wash your hair. Hair conditioner does not have usage limit. Hair condition helps to keep your hair in good shape and healthier.

Examples of natural hair conditioners are

  • Protein conditioner – silk amino acid

Examples of protein conditioner sold at stores are –

  • Giovanni – smooth as silk extreme protein
  • Queen Helene cholesterol cream
  • Organic Root Stimulator Hair Mayonnaise

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  1. The use of egg mask

When you apply egg mask it strengthens your hair Follicles. The advantage of using egg mask is that it makes your hair grow fast and also protects your hair from being dry and thin. Egg contains protein in abundance. It should be applied at least once in a month to the hair.

How to apply egg mask

  • Crack an egg into a bowl and whisk it until it is smooth
  • Pour in the yogurt and whisk it with the egg until the mixture becomes creamy
  • Apply it to your wet hair for about 20 minutes
  • Wash out the hair mask


  1. Don’t always put your hair in a bun

I know is very hard for you not to keep your hair with the trending style. It looks good to put your hair in a bun. Buns can destroy your hair’s structure and may cause hair loss. It not advisable to always put your hair in a bun, if not it will break the hair fragile strands. Thereby causing structural damage to the hair.

Hair bun makes the hair too tight. Even though you are not use to this style, you may like wrapping your hair in your towel after bathing. This causes a lot of damage to the hair fragile strand. Always be careful when brush your hair after shower.

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  1. Less Stress

Staying stress free is one of the ways to improve your hair growth. Every woman indenting to maintain her hair must always experience less stress. When woman stress herself too much she opens her hair to damage.

You can use meditation, breathing exercises, or other relaxation techniques to over the problem of stress. Be sure to get your sleep as the growth hormone is released during sleep.

We the newsyarena team believe that the above tips will go a long way to grow your hair faster. Make use of the comment box below for your contributions.


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