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Success is inevitable, man can’t do without success. The high rate of failure in schools today is increasing, and parents are tired of paying school fee repeatedly. Many fail not because they are not intelligent but because they lack guide. Important Steps to Academic Success is an article written to help students change and improve their academic result.

Nobody is meant to fail. Success is not for specific set of people. This article is a clear guide to academic success, I advise every student to read this article and follow the steps below to improve academically.

Guiding Steps To Academic Success

The steps below are guide to excel academically

  1. Set Goals

I discovered that many people fail academically because they lack setting of goals. Someone that does not dream dreams lack future. For you to succeed academically you must picture out the kind of future you want. Setting goals makes you to focus and correct your mindset.

A student must set goals that are specific, achievable, realistic and timely. Goal setting is the first key steps to academic success. Always memorize your goals every day, every time.

  1. Always Be Positive

Negativity have eaten up many minds. Some people think they can’t make it in education. Many have set their minds toward negative things and what goes on in their mind is that “I can’t make it” “I failed last semester so this semester wouldn’t make a difference”. My dear you can make it clear up those thoughts and think positive. Read down…

Always speak good of yourself. Words from your mouth are powerful, speak positive of yourself and be positive.


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  1. Time Management

Students spend time watching movies, playing games and schedule little time for their books. It is wrong, set a realistic schedule for yourself. Give more time to your books. Read your books and revise your lecture notes. Study at least 2-3 hours every day.

  1. Attend Your Lectures

Attending lectures is an important step to academic success. Always intend to learn something in each class. Make sure you listen to your lecturer and ask questions during lecture.

  1. Take Note During Lectures

Note taking is among the Key steps to academic success. You must have a jotter atleast 40 leaves. Take note and, write down stressed and relevant points said by the lecturer.


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  1. Make Your Notes

From the taken notes develop your lecture note. Make research and visit school library, spend your time at least 2 hours in the library. Develop the points in your jotter by doing that you will get familiar with the lecture topic. Make sure you cover the note before exams.

  1. Prepare For Examination

Revise past questions, try to answer question from they. Always read with your study group. Set exam questions for yourself and answer them. Study questions to get familiar to the type of questions you will see in exam, memorize formulae and definitions. Try to understand each part of your note and relate it to what is around you. Seek from follow study or study group to teach you what you didn’t understand.


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  1. Write your exams

This is an important step among other steps to academic success. Many say examination is not the true test of knowledge but the question is ‘what other ways can we test our knowledge?’.

Have a positive attitude, do not talk much at the exam center and be there 30minutes before the exam. Make sure you have all required materials with you. In exam hall time yourself, allocate specific time to each question. Make sure you take a deep breath, relax and write.


Hope this article is of a help to you. Make use of the comment box below for your comments and contributions. Thanks for reading excel academically.


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