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 How to Recharge Gotv Subscription via USSD code, ATM & Online

Multichoice has definitely evolved over the years, with the ways in which payments are been made. You can now recharge Gotv subscription without lifting a leg, literally. All you need is your phone, your ATM card, your IUC number and your computer. Traditionally you are required to recharge your Gotv payment and reconnection at any multichoice Africa branch near you. But the world is going digital nowadays.

So for all the users of Gotv you don’t necessarily have to visit the Gotv office to recharge Gotv subscription. Life is so much easy now and it’s getting better daily, you can now recharge your Gotv with your phone, at the ATM stand or with your computer at the comfort of your home. Alternatively, you can make use of one of the below easy and convenient payment options that are available in your country.

Different ways to Recharge Gotv subscription

This site will help you to know different ways to recharge Gotv subscription.

Recharge Gotv subscription via USSD shortcode

All you need to do is to take your phone and dial your country USSD code.

  • For Nigerian dial *288# it will take you to a new screen.
  • Select Gotv and then press send a new screen will appear
  • Enter your IUC number and press send this will take you to a new screen with a list of options. Note your IUC number is the red sticker at the bottom of your decoder
  • Here you must select payment and press send, you will be taken to another screen
  • Select direct payment, a new screen will appear for your country payment option eg verve
  • Select the one you want to use and press send
  • You will now enter your wallet ID and press send after that you will enter your wallet pin, your current account balance will appear
  • Enter the amount you want to pay in your local currency and press send
  • The next side will show you the amount you have entered in your local currency
  • Please check if it is correct and press 1 to confirm and then press send
  • You will receive a notification in a few minutes which will confirm that your Gotv account has been credited.

Note: these procedures are the same what differs is countries USSD short code. Here is the list of few countries with their USSD short codes.

Nigeria dial *288#

Kenya dial *423#

Malawi dial *570#

Namibia dial *142*6688*1#

Recharge Gotv subscription via ATM machine

You can pay with your ATM card at the ATM stand; this will be done through quickteller at the ATM machine. It’s quite easy and will only take three to seven minutes of your time. Below are steps

  • Visit any ATM stand
  • Input your ATM card and enter your pin
  • Select Quickteller
  • Select bill payment and it will bring options
  • Look for Gotv and select it
  • Enter the required details such as your IUC number
  • Enter the amount to be paid
  • Click on pay and its done


Recharge Gotv subscription via Goeazy self-service

Below are the steps that you can use to make payment through self-service

  • Make sure that your decoder is switched on
  • Log on and click on the pay link
  • You will have the options to pay for your Gotv account or someone’s account
  • Select your preferred account
  • Enter your surname and mobile number in the first field provided
  • Enter your IUC number and click on login
  • A secured page will be displayed where you can make payment
  • Fill in all your details and make payment



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