How to Make Payment on the NYSC Official Portal Using Remita

Remita is the most comprehensive way to make & receive electronic payments in Africa.Whether you intend to use Remita for personal or business purposes, this multi-device platform lets you view all your bank balances – from different banks – on a single screen, easily transfer money to one or more beneficiaries, pay bills, view detailed transaction reports on-the-go, and much more.  Remita has been incorporated into NYSC thereby making payments to be much easier for all prospective corps members to make payment on the NYSC official portal.

This guide is for prospective corps members who want to make payment on the NYSC official portal so as to complete their Registration. But first, you would need to create an account on the Nysc official portal because you will be required to login before you can make payment.

Making payment on the NYSC official portal using remita is very simple; all that is needed is a good internet connection and an ATM or Debit card. This article will guide you on how to make payment on the NYSC official portal Using Remita.

Steps on how to make payment on the NYSC official portal using Remita

  • Go to the portal home page and click on “Login”.
  • Enters your Registered Email Address  and Password to login
  • Click on “ click here to make payment”
  • After you have successfully login, Click on “Proceed to Payment,”once the payment confirmation page is displayed, you will be redirected to Remita Payment Engine with various payment options. In which you will need to choose the payment option that you are convenient with.


Different options to make payment


  • For Cards and Wallet Payment

For all prospective corps members who wish to make payment using Cards and wallet, you can proceed by clicking on “Pay now with Cards or Wallets”.

Please take note that you are required to provide your card details, pin and any other information which will be required of you in the page, and once the transaction is successful, the redirect URL is loaded click on status of the transaction.


  • For Payment into Bank Branch

If you wish to make payment through any bank branch, you are required to Copy the RRR number generated by NYSC portal and take to any of the approved banks.

To ensure you avoid any problem of paying at an unapproved bank branch, please go click on “see available bank branches” to view the banks.

After making a successful payment at the approved bank branch, the Prospective corps member is required to check payment status on the URL:


Visit the link above, inputs your transaction reference number/email id or phone number used during online Registration. Click on “continue” to query Remita and view the transaction detail.

Click on “Get status” to view the details of payments.

That is all you need to know on how to make payment on NYSC official portal using Remita platform isn’t that simple.


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