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Learn How to Download ProtonVPN Free VPN for PC and Mobile

Reasons for using VPNs can’t be a contest of discussion. As we all know that protecting your privacy doesn’t just end on having a strong password none installing strong antivirus on your device.

Have you ever experienced been blocked or denied from accessing a particular website – telling you that their service or product is not available in your country?

Yes, many products and services do that, and you should have seen that also. If you haven’t then you really don’t have to go through that isolation challenges. Now is the time to use a VPN that unlocks those denied access.

Proton VPN is one of the strongest and popular VPN service that provides securities and the ability for users to access any website or app from around the world.

The insane experience is that the ProtonVPN free account serves perfect. Well, it all depends on what you do. A heavy user with serious activities is not advised to use the free VPN – to ensure 100% privacy.

Meanwhile, when it comes to streaming services, payment websites, dating or other social websites the free ProtonVPN application will serve you well.

There are countries that are not allowed to use the Spotify player and some social and informative websites.

This page has explained how to download and sign up for a ProtonVPN Application whether on Mobile and PC. Also to start using the free VPN after all setups.

So let’s go…

How to Sign Up ProtonVPN Free Account

The ProtonVPN registration process comes during the application download process. You have to select what plan or package you are interested in. And of course, on this tutorial, we are selecting the free ProtonVPN package. But always remember that you can always upgrade for the pro packages at any time.

so let go on…

Step 1: Select your Package

Visi the official website on –, then click on “Sign Up“.

Select the Free package by clicking on “Get Free”

Step 2: Complete the Registration Form

The simple registration form won’t take up to a 30-seconds to complete. Your username, password, and email address are only needed to create ProtonVPN free account.

Then click on “Create account” after providing the required and correct information

Step 3: Confirm Your Registration

Log into the email you used for the registration and click on the click Proton sent to you to complete the registration process. Please note that clicking on the click means verifying your ProtonVPn registration.

ProtonVPN Free Download Application

We are heading to the downloading process and that will be taking us to the next step as listed below;

Step 4: Download the VPN Free App for Computer

Once you have login to your ProtonVPN account with either your username or registered email and your password, You have to navigate by the left of the page, click on “Downloads” then select which device and windows operating system that you want to start using the free Proton VPN service.

Step 5: Launch the Proton VPN App and Login

You will be required to login again after you have launched your App. And you should be ready to start using your free VPN app after logging in to your account.

Step 6: Connect to a Zone

For a free account you have only 4 countries to connect, which the USA is one of the 4 countries give to you for free.

To connect any of the countries, simply navigate to the left side of the screen pointing on the country, then click on “connect”. Now, wait for the connection to complete.

Any country you wish to connect will display your connection as the country’s IP address.

Free VPN Download for Mobile Phones

Proton VPN also has its mobile application which you can either download directly from your mobile App store or alternatively you can download it from the ProtonVPN download page here

Do you want to confirm if your connection is now private?

List of Free IP Address Location Checker

This is a bonus tip for you. Now that you’re connected to a particular location or new IP, you may want to confirm if your connection or existence on the internet is actually what you wanted it to be, right?

This is why I have provided those free IP and location checking tool for you.

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