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How to Create New Facebook Business Page For Businesses Fast

These days, Social media is a BOOM, especially Facebook where there are billions of active users on a daily bases. You can think about it, I mean think about how you can tap from this. Do you know that even you reading this article is following and contributing success to other people’s business and brands as you follow, share, like and comment on pages that you follow?

This is why Facebook Business Pages are places on Facebook where artists, public figures, businesses, brands, organizations, and nonprofits can connect with their fans or customers.

You should have the opportunity to reach out to millions of audiences that are interested in your services and style that you present to them on your page. So if you have a facebook business page for your business or brand you should know that there is no limit to what your business or brand can achieve.

On this page, I’ll work you through on how to create a new Facebook Business Page for your business or websites or brand.

You are expected to go through this process copy it and create yours. To make it even easier, images on every step are included on this page.

We are not only covering the steps for creating a Facebook page or business fan page (as others refer it), also the following was covered;

  • optimizing your page
  • tips for attracting audiences to your page
  • best ways to keep your audiences to keep sharing, linking, and reacting to your pages.
    -and more…

So let’s get started with the party right away!

About Create Creating Business or Fan Pages

To start understanding this, note that there is no option of creating a business account or fan acct except that you MUST have an existing Facebook account or create a facebook account for free.

Also, creating a facebook account down to creating pages remains FREE on Facebook. The CEO has made it be so. So you should know no that you have to own or create a facebook account, then from the account, you create pages that you desire for your businesses and brands.

How to Create New Facebook Business Page

A Facebook Business page is also regarded as a “Fan Page”. Think about it, its where you gather your fans to come to see what you have onboard, share moments with them – having an endless interaction on the page.

To get started…

Step 1: Visit the “Create Page” Link Here

This is the “Create New Page” official link; Although there are other ways by which you can still land on this create page, I have simplified for you so you could just start from here.

You’ll be prompt to login or create a new facebook account (here) – that is if you haven’t done any of it.

But if you are already logged into your Facebook account then access the link above then you should see a page like this;

Image sample of facebook business page

Step 2: Select Your Page Type

Looking at the image above you should see that they are different categories available for different purposes and people.

  • Business or Brands
  • Community or Public figure

Click on the “Get Started” to move on to the next stage of creating a Facebook business page.

Anyone you may have selected you should see a screen like this;

FB page name and cagegory

Now on the form, you will have to provide your Page name and that should represent your business or brand name.

Then the category selection, type in the category your business falls into. But there is a way it works; you type and select from the options Facebook gives to you. Facebook assumes to have all categories available for any business. So once you type in something you see options of categories to select.

Depending on the category you select; you may further see more options (office address, location, etc) to fill up.

Click “Continue” to proceed.

Step 3: Add Profile Picture and Cover Photo For Your Page

FB profile photo image

This’s a step you must take seriously too. There is an African popular saying that;

“The eyes is enticed before the mouth have a taste of it”

In other words, when serving an African-made man meal, the food has to be good looking to attract him to eat or taste the food.

This also applies to your Facebook Page. Make sure your profile picture is well designed and projecting the same message your business and brand are all about. There are free tools you can use to create a good and recommended size of profile pictures needed on Facebook Page and other social pages like; Pinterest, Twitter, Reddit, etc… You can try out, or other free applications you know how to use well.

Click on “upload a profile picture” or you can skip to cool down and get a nice profile picture at your convenient.

Congratulations! You have created your Facebook Business page.

But that’s not all, you’ve other things to fix-up on your Business page to clearly define the business goals.

Optimize Your Business Page

You would like to make your page easy for your audiences to find or access the page, right? Everyone wants that too.

let’s start by creating a business page “username”

How to Create Page Username:

setting up FB username
  • Click on “Create Page @username”
  • A pop-up screen should come next where you enter your desired username for your page. Facebook will allow you to use your desired username for as long as its available (not used by someone else).
  • Then click “create username”

Done! you just completed this part.

The next we will consider doing is creating a description of our business page. The description is a summary or in short and enticing writing explaining what your business or brand is about.

How to create Facebook Description:

image of FB setting and Menu bar

Apart from your page description, the steps below lead to other optimizations like providing more business categories, Phone number, business website, email address, your business location, business hours and more…

So use the steps below and you will see the form to provide the above information for your audiences to understand you and your business well.

  • Go to Settings of the page
  • Select or click “Page Info” at the left side of the menu
  • Then fill up the information the way it best suits and presents your business activities.

please note that each one you enter has its “Save Change’ button you must click in order to save your settings.

Then go back to the menu and click on “Instagram” – connect your business Instagram page with your Facebook Page so that you manage your Instagram audiences from one place “Your Facebook Business Page”. You can create a new Instagram account (Here) if you haven’t. It’s Free too!

Now go back to the page and click on the ‘Like” button to like and follow your page so that your friends can see the page you are following and allows them to follow too.

The next optimization to carry out on your Facebook Page is the Button of your Business Page.

You can add a direct link to your site, or an email for them (your Facebook page audience) to contact you, or phone number, or a direct message (messenger), or a buy now link to the product, etc.

Click on the button to edit and select the option best for your page or business.

How to Keep Your Facebook Audiences Angraged and Commented

Seeing people’s response on your page means there is progress, though every level of progress also has things to improve in order to keep pushing positively.

  • Provide regular updates
  • Provide relevant information, products, and services on your page
  • Allow your audience to send you messages and respond to their comments
  • You can always Run Facebook ads to increase Likes
  • Create and give out a Facebook offers
  • Regularly run a contest
  • Tag other pages
  • Share photos
  • Always be brief in your write-ups
  • Promote your business page on blogs and other social media
  • Optimize your page for search engines which I have shown you above already.

What do you think? And Was the Page helpful to you?

Use the comment box below.


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