We are always anxious ones we heard that NYSC call up letter is out because we want to know where we are been deployed. Ones we print out the letter and find out that the state of deployment is not favorable to us or as expected. We will be asking questions on how to apply for NYSC relocation or redeployment letter.

Every youth corps members has the right to request for a change of state (NYSC Relocation or Redeployment), before you can apply for this you must have a genuine reason to be able to apply.

This article will state the reasons why the National Youth Service Corps management will allow for relocation or redeployment letter and list the two ways which you can apply for relocation request.

Acceptable Grounds for Relocation or Redeployment by the NYSC Management Board

Below are the reasons that the NYSC will consider your request to relocate to another state:

  1. Marital grounds:This normally applies to only female corps members who want to move to the state where their husbands live at. A corps member who finds herself in such situation should apply in writing after the swearing-in Ceremony stating why he/she wants to be relocated.

The application letter should be addressed to the Director-General through the State Coordinator. Since you are applying on marital ground, you are to attach the following:

  • A valid marriage certificate
  • A document showing change of name in any of the National Newspapers and Affidavit
  • A letter from your husband’s workplace which will serve as evidence that your husband lives in the state you want to relocate to
  1. Health/Medical grounds:This reason is for those who have extreme or reoccurring illnesses which require that they be monitored closely. You will need a medical report from your institution’s medical centre or from a recognized hospital. Please note that these claims on health grounds are subject to further confirmation to establish its authenticity.

How to Apply For NYSC Relocation or Redeployment

  1. Applying within the camp:This is done by write a letter of relocation or redeployment while on camp. It is within the 21 days duration orientation course on camp, interested Corps members will have the opportunity to apply for relocation at the second week on camp.

Normally, a form will be given out to the interested youth corps members to fill. This is where the prospective corps member has to state the reasons why he or she wants to relocation, by providing proofs of evidence. You will also be asked to submit an application letter for relocation or redeployment together with the form.

  1. Applying online after camp: It is difficult to get relocation approval after the 21 days orientation camping is over. The NYSC board has now made it possible to easily apply online for relocating even after the camp is over. You need not wait to get your approval for relocation after 3 months as you can get approved for relocation even after 2 weeks of application.

Below is How to apply for NYSC Relocation or Redeployment Online

  1. Visit NYSC official portal http://www.nysc.gov.ng
  2. Sign in with your email and password (same as the ones you earlier used in registering on the portal)
  3. Click on “Relocation”
  4. Fill in your details appropriately into the fields provided.

You will be notified afterwards through text messages and mails about developments on your application (whether it was approved or rejected).

How to Print the Online NYSC Relocation and Redeployment Letter Easily

  1. Visit the Official NYSC Portal.
  2. Log in with your email and password.
  3. Click on Manage Relocation.
  4. You will make a payment and wait for it to redirect you after successful payment
  5. Print your payment receipt which will serve as your evidence of successful payment after printing your NYSC Relocation letter online.
  6. Make sure you make copies of the printed letter for reference during your passing out. Good luck


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