1. Sariff


    Since a long time I am unable to log into my email address, I am very disappointed as i have extreme urgent work to do and to open my mail. My problem is when i log in, i was asked to put a microsoft security code which unable me to log in. I have never experience this before
    Your urgent attention to this matter is greatly appreciated.


  2. olawuyi mojeed

    I was unable to my email account since over a month now,if I enter my password it always ask for microsoft Security code from me and I know what to do,kindly please out of this trauma.thanks

    • Try it again. at the proces you will be asked to provid your mobbile number, put it and wait a little time cos a code will be sent to you on your phone. put the code and verify your account.

  3. ianne Molacek

    I Have been unable to log into to my hot mail account for weeks have tried to fix it many time it tells me to put phone number in for code dosent happen ask me for another email address i havent got one was able to get my email on my iphone without password changed to new iphone yesterday now i cant get in there now i need to use my email cant it be fixed by phone URGENT

  4. obi victor emeka

    Am a mobile person so most times in check my mails with my cellphone

  5. amaka Raymond

    this email is so frustrating. I have been unable to log in to my account. they said my account has been blocked so I should get a Microsoft code which I did,yet they say I should change my password which I’ve tried countlessly to no avail …. I hate this site with passion.

    • Well if you do hate the HOtmail site so much, why not try Yahoo mail or Gmail I think you will not encounter this problem muvh. But do worry am still going to tell you you will recover you hotmail site back. ok

  6. valentine henry

    my account was hacked into and l had to change my password. since then l have not been able to access my account using this device anymore unless l have to use a bigger computer. please assist me in rectifying the anomaly.
    Valentine Henry

  7. Joyce Parish

    I still can’t get into my account and my accounts to reach my medical accounts are in Hotmail therefore I need some one to open my account PLEASE

  8. Henry

    Hello, for several months now, a prompting message has been coming into my email from Microsoft that I should update my account or it will be block. there is no icon on the message to update it. The message keeps coming giving me final warnings. Please I want to know if thus is a scam. Should I ignore it? if it is not a scam, how then can I update my account?

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