There are things that one must do in order to attain certain height which you want to reach, it is now left for one to know the great things which must be done & achieved all before you become thirty years of age. Achievement is not all about money and all other material things, it all about making an impact in someones life.

There is always a saying which says that ignorant is not an excuse, in other words, if you are not told about a particular thing, it simply means you are not aware of how things are being done and it should be done. It now high time you started reading the great things which must be done & achieved including the tips to greatness and all achievement in life.

Great Things Which Must Be Done & Achieved Before 30 Years

Here are the great things to be done before you attain the age of 30 years


  • Discover Yourself

The question you may be asking yourself is how do I discover myself? Well it is very simple, discovering yourself is all in the inside, by knowing who you are and your capability in life.


  • Use your gift to solve Problems

After you must have discovered yourself the next thing to do is to use your gift as well as your talent to solve various problems of yours. There are some people that have one gift or the other definitely one will say he can make money with such gift and some may decide to impact life which is the first step to greatness.


  • Get some Ideas on how to make Money

It is very important to note many ways to make money, it is now left for you to take a decision and the means which you must use to earn such living. Therefore, haven getting the ideas it very important to get various means to make money and impact life’s.


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  • One must have read 30 Books

There is a saying that everyone does not stop learning, therefore education is the best legacy.For one to be of 30 years such a person must be proud of reading about thirty books. When i mean books i means different kinds of books, for instance, books on Marriage, Success, Religion etc.


  • Have a pastor over your life

A pastor does not mean a pastor of a church who do not know you or know your name, what am i saying in essence? it simply means that If you need a pastor over your life you need to discover one. By this you will be able to take note of a spiritual father over your life.


  • Be known for something

One thing is that it is possible to be known for something, its either it is good or bad, its left for you to choose the line whereby you want to be known for. Moreover it is another name for what one stands for. Once such a  thing is mentioned people will locate you that you are the one that portray such character and attribute.


  • Have a mentor over your life

Who is your mentor? Do you really have mentor? or Are you lead by your mentor? and among all why do you choice such mentor as one? These are actually the questions that you should ask yourself. All i will say is that you should try as much as possible to choice rightly.


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  • Conquer Procrastination

The act of scheduling an event or an activity for another time is known as procrastination. This is not a good habit at all this will deprive you of your priority which is not go. This actually will lead one to fail. Hence, kill procrastination now before you become 30 years.


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  • Have a Bank Account

It is very important to have  a bank account to enable you save and have shares of different types. You can open different account from different bank even if there is no money there, you should try to aim high it this age so that before 30 you must have achieved much.


  • Have an investment

Invest wisely so as not to regret, so will invest in a wrong place at the end of the day they will not get the money they invested. Although it always said that life is all about taking a risk, yes that is true it is now left for one to know the right decision to take while investing.


Other great things which must be done & achieved before 30 years are:

  • Learn who to say no to certain things.
  • Have common scene although common scene is not common
  • Stability of character
  • Learn professional dinning etiquette
  • Define your vision in one sentence
  • Have a financial mentality to feed somebody
  • Learn how to drive a car
  • You should be a Born again


Use the comment box below if this has really be of help to you Have a prosperous life as you live by the word. Thanks.


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