Many people encounter problems when taking care of their nails. This have been a big problem to many and they can’t show off their nails in public. This article great care for your nails is prepared to help you and give your nails maximum care. They are various ways to care for the nails and keep it healthy, below are the best steps that one should take to care for his/her nails.

It is a bad habit to be biting your nails or peeling off the gel polish, doing that is a bad habit that one should stop. Learn how to maintain your nail health, and the best product to use on your nail. Here are tips to care for your nails.


How To Care For Your Nails

Take the following steps to care for your nail

  1. Rub in hand cream every time after washing your hands.
  2. Apply a good cuticle remover (don’t cut them).
  3. Push the cuticles back gently with a wooden or plastic cuticle stick, never metal.
  4. Buff them using a 3-sided buffer.
  5. Rub in loads of cuticle cream.
  6. Use a glass file to file them – never cut with scissors or clippers.
  7. Always use a good base coat under nail polish.
  8. When painting, don’t allow the polish to touch or seep into the cuticles. A tiny gap between polish and your cuticles is neater and allows the nail to breathe.
  9. To get them neat is simply down to doing them on a flat surface, holding your breath briefly and lots of practice!
  10. Use a nail polish spray to dry them more quickly
  11. Forget French manicures (too fiddly!) and choose a really neutral, almost skin-like colour, it’ll hide a multitude of painting sins and look modern (Revlon’s Elegant is perfect).
  12. Use a cotton bud dipped in nail polish remover to remove excess polish. Better still, a small, round, flat artist’s brush perfects the edges beautifully. Apply a clear top coat and then another every other day to keep it from chipping.
  13. Remove the nail polish after 4-5 days maximum, and let the nails breathe at least overnight before painting again.
  14. Buff them straight after removing the polish and apply the hand and cuticle cream again.


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Care For Your Nails – Best Nail Care Products

The following products are best for your nail care. Use them to care for your nails today

  1. 18k Gold Hardener
  2. Moisture Rehab
  3. Color Therapy top coat
  4. Color therapy nail and cuticle oil
  5. Gel shine 3D (top coat gel)
  6. Ultimate shield
  7. Big primer base coat


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Care For Your Nails – Don’ts

  1. Don’t overdo it with the hand sanitizer
  2. Don’t cautious of chemicals in nail products.
  3. Stop cutting your cuticle
  4. Don’t use your nails as chisels to chip off your nail polish
  5. Don’t saw nails back and forth


Hope the article is of help to you, thanks for reading and share with friends.

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