Google Live US Election Results 2016 Live-Update

The US is about to know who will be the next America President as the vote continues and the world is watching to get the us election countdown. That is the reason Google has let it known that the us election update will be live on Google search. So all you have to do is use either your mobile phone or PC then follow the step below to get every details on what is going on currently concerning the 2016 America Election.

Below are guide with images to let you understand better what you will see.

How to Check The Google Live US Election Results 2016

Google has made it more easier  to access the US 2016 Presidential and senatorial election through the Google Search result or engine directly. I want to use this platform to show you how I monitor the live update of US Election 2016 On Google search.

Talking about the Google search am referring to you (major website) but never mind when the url changes to your location, you will still get the same result that you are searching for.

Here is how to check Google Live US Election Results 2016 on

  • I used Google Chrome to check on my side, some people say using Mozilla also will give you same result. But to get this all right I recommend you use Google Chrome to check ¬†Google Live US Election Results 2016. So Lunch your browser
  • The on the search enter But if you are using the Google browser for this you need not to do that. Just enter the key word like this:

2016 US election results” or us “Election Countdown for 2016

Doing this you will see Google Live update and still updating instantly on the US election result. See image screenshot for better understanding:

Screenshot of Google Live US Election Results 2016
Screenshot of Google Live US Election Results 2016


Screenshot of Google Live US Election Results 2016

Already you will see a green-blinking dot-light letting you know that the update is live and still continues.


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