Get List Of Recharge Card Dealers in Nigeria Here

If you have been searching for how to get list of Recharge Card Dealers all over the net or around your area and you are reading this article now, you are on the the right website that will put you through. 

May be you have been attending all kind of seminars where they teach how to start Recharge Card Printing Business in Nigeria or you hear people discussing it or even any thing far from it. The fact still remains that you want to start a new business which is starting Recharge Card Printing Business.

Some are already in the business but not satisfy with the price, or services which their Dealer(s) is offering to them. I bet you that you are here and never to search for any other Dealers again (that is after getting the List Of Recharge Card Dealers here).

You notice that after getting your previous information (through friends or seminars) no positive move has been made. This might be that either the information was not clear to you, you did not get what you need to get started or you where not ready at that time.

Let me briefly explain What Recharge Card Printing Business is?.

Recharge Card printing Business in Nigeria is a continuous process of buying and selling of recharge card pins (in respective of the network). It is a process because there are steps to follow in order to get the recharge card pin(s) and sell.  I will explain them to you one after the order.

How To Start Recharge Card Printing Business?

If you want to start as a Sub-Dealer there are basic things you should understand which are; you will need a computer, printer and printing paper (which is the A4 white paper). But if you do not have all of the above then you can be going to a Cybar Cafe (for the main time until you gather money to buy yours).

After all that, you need a dealer(s) where you will be directly purchasing your recharge card pins from. Then all you need to do is make your contact (either by calling their mobile number or going to their office direct). If you have up to N11,000 Only (Eleven Thousand Naira Only) capital then you are good to go for the business.

Note that  As a Dealer, you will be transacting directly with the GSM operators. At this level, you really need a large sum of money to venture into the Dealership level because if you don’t have your millions, the GSM operators won’t even listen to you. About N12 to N20 million is required (depending on your location and the network you want to partner

The Dealers which is on our list give out: N100 Pin at the rate of N90 – N93, N200 pins at the rate of N190 – N194, N400 pins at the rate of N392 –  N394, N500 pins at the rate of N495 – N496, etc. depending on the network you are purchasing.

Note: some times if the price of the pins increases then you also have to increase yours, depending on how you buy. But since this year the price has been stable!

  How to Get List Of Recharge Card Dealers?

The dealers which we share out are reliable both in price and services. This is the most important thing that will determine your success in the recharge card printing. So get the “list of Dealers of Recharge Card Printing” is not for free. You need to make a deposit of N4,500 Only (Four Thousand Five Hundred Naira Only) into any bank listed below:

First Bank LogoBank: First Bank plc
A/C NO: 3066151282

GTBank LogoBank: GTBank plc
A/C No: 0149651074

You will also receive the following details of the Dealers: current price list, Office address, contact number, website address, software and a user guide. All this will be sent to your email address within 40mins after payment

After payment send your: Full Name, Name of Bank paid into,  Email address and Teller number to 08032934651. Feel free to call the number in case of anything.

Kindly share this info to others who have the desire to Start Recharge card printing business, or needs the current list of  Recharge Card Dealers in Nigeria.

Good Luck as you make up your mind to Start this Business.



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