FUNAI University 2015/2016 Direct Entry Admission List


I want to tell you all who applied for Federal University Ndufu-Alike Ikwo, Ebonyi State (FUNAI) admission through Direct Entry that the long awaiting FUNAI University 2015/2016 Direct Entry Admission List is out today.

Its also good to know that the FUNAI University 2015/2016 Direct Entry Admission List is available only on the school website.

From the 2015/2015 DE admission list only 108 people were accepted (for now). And among the names available some will start their studies from 100level while others will start from 200level.

How to Check FUNAI University 2015/2016 Direct Entry Admission List

To make it easy I will be putting the list directly here. But You can also visit the Funai official website to confirm whether the list available here is correct.

Here is the FUNAI University 2015/2016 Direct Entry Admission List;

                                                                                     P.M.B, 1010 ABAKALIKI, EBONYI STATE
                                                                                               OFFICE OF THE REGISTRAR
159065332BFIkegwu Chinosono David MEbonyi Accountancy200
259081550FFAzubogu Ifeanyi A.MAnambra Accountancy200
359079296CHAnyaegbunam Ifeanyi MAnambraAccountancy200
459053865HIAkubue Ifeanyi Daniel MEnuguAccountancy200
559049153FCKanu Chukwuemerie J.MAnambraAccountancy200
659080869GBOko Nnamdi VictorMEbonyi Accountancy200
759041451HCNwadi Francis Ndubuisi MAnambraAccountancy200
859109191GHObialor Precious AdaobiMAnambra Accountancy200
959046449BGOmini, Obasesam JamesMCRSAccountancy200
1059078070BJUrom, Doris UgonnaFEbonyiAccountancy200
1159046139HDMmegwa, Ezinne D.FImoAccountancy200
1259045855FCOkoye, Chisom C.FAnambraAccountancy200
1359046398HCEkuma, Chikwesiri I. D.MEbonyiAccountancy200
1459070033HEOkorie, Emmanuel N.MEbonyiAccountancy200
1559037686BIMaduafor, Joy UcheFAnambraAccountancy200
1659046038IFIgwe, Ezinne WhitneyFImoAccountancy200
1759069807HDOyo, Ugochi NicoleMEbonyiAccountancy200
1859081704HIMicheal, Rosemary U.FEbonyiAccountancy200
1959038812DFChukwu, Nnennaya G.FEbonyiAccountancy100
2059077295BGEze OgechiFEbonyiAccountancy100
2159077288DHEze, Peace UdokaFEbonyiAccountancy100
2259016072GEOlusipe Abiodun YinkaMOgunAccountancy200
2359076008JEOpera Vidalyn Chinonso FImoAnatomy200
245965797JGNwanosike Kingsley O.MAbia Anatomy200
2559103491JFEmecheta, Marvellous S.MImo Anatomy200
2659074026CGOkoro, Amarachi EstherFImoAnatomy100
2759112272DJObeagu Sophia ChinazaFEnuguBiochemisrty200
2859049819JBBakare, Yvonne UdeMEbonyiBiochemistry200
2959103033BENwibo, Perpetual U.FEbonyiBiochemistry100
3059111343BDNwuzu, Precious C.FEbonyiBiochemistry100
3159063801EJUkeh, Ngene UkehMEbonyiBiochemistry100
3259063875CBUkeh, Nkemdirim NgeneFEbonyiBiochemistry100
3359111377AIOkpanku, Kalu NnennaFAbia Biochemistry100
3459067609HBOnwe, Daniel ChikaMEbonyiBiochemistry100
3559050948ACUduh, Theresa IjeomaFEbonyiBiotechnology100
3659037594ADSunday, Chidinma MariaFEbonyiBus. Admin & Entrp. Studies200
3759070889CIItumo, Chioma MaureenFEbonyiBus. Admin & Entrp. Studies200
3859037880BIAdehi, Faith ElegoFKogiBus. Admin & Entrp. Studies200
3959062898ECOgamba PreciousFImoBus. Admin & Entrp. Studies200
4059043911GEOffordile, Ogechukwu C.FAnambraBus. Admin & Entrp. Studies200
4159062158DBNwosu, Ekene E.FImoBus. Admin & Entrp. Studies200
4259046204HCEzeaka, Elochukwu N.MEbonyiBus. Admin & Entrp. Studies200
4359081866HHSaliu Titilayo RafatuFOgunBus. Admin & Entrp. Studies100
4459055336DANnakwuzie, Chinaza F.FAnambraBus. Admin & Entrp. Studies100
4559057644JAOnuigbo, Vivian IjeomaFAnambraBus. Admin & Entrp. Studies100
4659052461CCOpurum Ijeoma GraceFImoBus. Admin & Entrp. Studies200
4759001359GIEmeali Christian C.MAnambraBus. Admin & Entrp. Studies300
4859062423BCOkorie Amuche EzeFEbonyiBus. Admin & Entrp. Studies200
4959062244GEOkoronkwo UwaomaMEbonyi Bus. Admin & Entrp. Studies200
5059091494ACOmogo Chukwuma AjiboMEbonyiComputer Science200
5159084957BJMkpumah Ifeanyi E.FEbonyiComputer Science200
5259035085GBIgwe Augustinsa NdidiFEbonyiComputer Science200
5359003549JEOgbonna Michael C.MImo Computer Science200
5459069962JDOkpara, Chukwuemeka S.MEbonyiComputer Science200
5559069429EDEbere, Daniel O.MEbonyiComputer Science100
5659103412EBNnaji, Chinedu NnajiMEnuguComputer Science100
5759102681ADOkike, McSam C.MEnuguComputer Science100
5859116414CJOhamara, Sylvester M.MImoComputer Science100
5959094575HBUgoji, Justice J.MEnuguComputer Scince100
6059049383EBOkeke, Okechukwu C.MAnambraEconomics & Development Studies200
6159043797BIEze, Ngozi EuphrasiaFEbonyiEconomics & Development Studies200
6259037740FAOkorie, Chigozie FavourFEbonyiEconomics & Development Studies200
6359041130GFOkafor, Amarachi C.FAnambraEconomics & Development Studies200
6459046279EBUdeh, Chiamaka P.FEnuguEconomics & Development Studies200
6559050469IBAni, Lydia OziomaFEnuguEconomics & Development Studies200
6659058893CJOkolie, Nkechi A.FAnambraEconomics & Development Studies200
6759059298HFChukwuemeka, Bethel C.MEnuguEconomics & Development Studies100
6859066631JFOkoh, Iheakachi H.MEbonyiEconomics & Development Studies100
6959042401DFAwuru, Blessing N.FEbonyiEconomics & Development Studies100
7059058942HGOtu, Julian OgechiFEbonyiEconomics & Development Studies100
7159037829HENdukauba, Perpetua C.FImoEconomics & Development Studies100
7259051361FEOkonkwo, Chigosim S.MAnambraEconomics & Development Studies200
7359096846EITukur, Amina OnyinyeFTarabaEnglish & Lit. Studies200
7459096655DJUchenwa, Oluchukwu P.FEnuguEnglish & Lit. Studies200
7559077503HBAlozie, Blessing N.FAbia English & Lit. Studies200
7659040454FGOdi-Akpa, Oluchukwu E.FEbonyiEnglish & Lit. Studies200
7759074581BAChukwuba, Esther NnennaFEbonyiEnglish & Lit. Studies100
7859098068GIAnasi, Ikenna GabrielMEbonyiGeology100
7959104953HEUbammadu, Clinton C.MImoGeology100
8059048478EAOgba, Jude OkpoMEbonyiGeology100
8159069053AHChukwu, Arinze SamuelMEnuguGeology100
8259099999JFOgazi, Caroline U.FImoHist. & Strategic Studies200
8359143474DIOji Ifeanyichukwu OworaMEbonyiMathematics200
8459049005BBNnolu, Oluchukwu FavourFImoMedical Biochemistry200
8559048930ECOgbonna, Lois AmarachiFEbonyiMedical Biochemistry200
8659058649ICEzeigbo, Ruth C.FImoMedical Biochemistry200
8759061754HJEze, Margaret OluchiFAnambraMedical Biochemistry200
8859047318CIOkorie, Amarachi MbaFAbia Medical Biochemistry200
8959092110JEUkoha, Vivian OnyinyechiFImoMedical Biochemistry100
9059049081HENwadene, Ogechi T.FEbonyiMedical Biochemistry100
9159053746EHAliu, Tawakalitu B.FkwaraMedical Biochemistry100
9259069459FAAkpor, Fredrick O.MDeltaMedical Biochemistry100
9359060959DJUdedibor, Oladebo P.MEnuguMedical Biochemistry100
9459055745GEEmori HopeFCRSMicrobiology100
9559109030GFAninwagu, Victoria C.FEnuguMicrobiology100
9659038866GEIbiang, Victory CletusMCRSMicrobiology100
9759050385ECOkoro, Enderline O.FCRSMicrobiology100
9859102749JAUche, Amarachi MaryFEbonyiMicrobiology100
9959075190CGCharles AmarachiFAbia Molecular Biology200
10059114614JEOnyeachonam Chinedu V. MEbonyi Physics with Electronics200
10159057027ABUgochukwu, Ebubechi F.FImoPhysiology100
10259079452EENwebor, Emmanuel C.MEbonyiPhysiology100
10359053873FEAni Elijah ObumnekeMEnuguPolitical Science200
10459095993IFGodfred, Joshua ChimdikeMEbonyiPolitical Science200
10559092152GFOde, Winifred GinikaFEbonyiPolitical Science200
10659059082BENdukwe, Chinenye B.FImoPolitical Science200
10759096698AHAkuma, Obasi BasseyMEbonyiPolitical Science100
10859067447HCNwanna Okoroafor Alex C.MImoSociology200


For those who might be asking if they will be releasing another DE admission list, Well I do not know about that. But once another admission list is been released I will inform you all here.

CONGRATULATIONS to all those admitted. The next step now is visiting the school for further details on how to pay your school fee.

Good Luck.

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    plsss i realy need to be updated..if our forms still needs to be submitted to the school itself because we have submitted to jamb office

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