Are you a lover of social media and you don’t know best ways to create Instagram photos perfectly? you may like some photos but don’t know how to create Instagram photos perfectly. Most lovers of social media don’t  know some tips of generating Instagram photos yet they want to always  be online.

Create Instagram photos perfectly-Generating Instagram Tips

Here are some tips you need to generate Instagram photos  with ease.

  • Be Focus

The first step to create an Instagram photo is to know your aim for putting the pix one has start with a goal.that is what you hope to achieve making use of Instagram,with creating the picture be it a visual portfolio.

  • Develop a Caption

For one to develop a caption one need to know what the picture is talking about this will allow people to know what to expect by following you and reasons why they need to follow you,this should be done by using a cohesive style of images or graphics,a branded image

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  • Snap Pics

Definitely pics will be needed in creating photo on Instagram. Ensure the pics taking are all recent ones much more than you think will be used and needed, the reason is because you may not like some of the pics that had being taken initially. And remember taking a photo shot helps you to remember what and where an event took place.

  • Edit and crop

It is much more preferable to edit a pics before its being posted on social media,not editing and cropping a pic will make it look awkward. The fact remains that photo editing is fun, fast and easy to do. You can perfect your pictures by making good use of the mobile app, by making use of this app it helps you to get the power and control of professional photo editing.

  • Filter it

Filtering can help one to create a cohesive, stylish brand for your photos. if you find or create a filter you love in canvas try save the filter code to make use of it in posting. Instagram has lot of filters that could fit in the photo that has be on display, you can rearrange the filter by dragging it to the app

  • Hashtag your Picture

Consider adding hashtag to the caption of the  picture to make it look fancy, and remember this brings more comment to your pics as well as interactions with friends, it also brings awareness and create a social media campaign. You can do this by making use of up to 30 harsh tag per post.

  • Style It

When i mean “style it” simply saying to make your picture look nice and attractive by choosing a color style and add various photo you want to include in the the edited and cropped shot and make sure it is saved after being stylish.

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  • Post with Purpose

The reasons why you want to post the picture must strictly be addressed in the harsh tag and caption, don’t just post in Instagram or any social media for that matter for that reason the audience will know if the pics is to educate, inform or to entertain. The question you should always ask yourself is that what unique value have your post done to those watching at it.

  • Engage

In this contest this means that one has to ask questions in writing a caption on a post in this view will bring in more conversation with those that followed can end the question with true or false? yes or no? etc!

These are 9 ways to help build a perfect Instagram photo but if you have any other ways that suit the above ways then make good use of the comment box below.  Thanks for visiting and reading.


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