Four Dead in Kano suicide car bomb attack

Kano suicide Car Bomb Aattack
Kano suicide Car Bomb Aattack

Kano suicide Car Bomb Attack – Information gotten form witnesses that A suspected car bomb ripped through a crowded entertainment spot in the north Nigerian city of Kano on Sunday.

Also at least 40 villagers were killed and several others injured on Saturday evening in Dalwa-Masuba village of Damboa local of Borno state in northeast Nigerian, security sources and witnesses said.

Four people were killed, including a young girl, in the Kano suicide car bomb attack, the Kano State  police commissioner said.

Another eye witness said that about twenty five people were killed as a result of the bast.

A Reporter said the charred and mangled remains of five cars could be seen outside one of the many bars and eateries on the now deserted street, which was dimly lit because of power cuts.

A sixth car, a Volkswagen Golf said by police to have been used by the bomber, was ripped into three pieces, with its engine resting on the roadside.

Windows on the two-storey buildings lining the street were smashed and armed police and soldiers stood guard.

The blast happened at about 9:30 pm (2030 GMT) when the area was crowded with revellers as well as street hawkers and traders.

Witnesses claimed that a car was left in the Middle Road area of Sabon Giri and its driver left on a motorbike. The blast happened soon afterwards.

Kano is Nigeria’s second-most populous city and a commercial centre for the whole of the Muslim-majority north.

Local government elections were held in Kano on Saturday, at which the main opposition All Progressives Congress (APC) routed the ruling Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) of President Goodluck Jonathan, winning all 44 seats.


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