File Maintenance Tips | How to Copy Folder on Computer

The use of the computer might not be conversant with some persons but we are here to help you know the File Maintenance Tips and how to copy folder on your computer. Meanwhile, Catch you below as you read through and get the ways to copy files and paste it in the necessary place.

Here are the File Maintenance Tips

  1. Go to My computer or Windows Explorer
  2. Then click the file or the folder you want to copy
  3. On the edit menu click ‘’copy’’
  4. Afterwards open the folder or the disk where you want to put the copy
  5. Go ahead to edit menu and click ‘’paste’’

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Note: To select more than one file or folder to copy, hold down the CTRL key and click the items you want. To select a folder in the left pane of window explorer, click the folder.

How to send a File or Folder to Desktop;

  1. Insert the disk in the disk drive if you are copying a file or folder to a floppy disk.
  2. Click the file or folder you want to copy in ‘’My computer’
  3. On the file menu, point to send to and then click the drive you want to copy the file or folder.

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Note: To select a folder on the left pane of the windows Explorer, click the folder. Also, sending a file or folder to a disk to a disk sends its copy. The original file or folder remains in the original location.

Many persons may not equally know How to copy File or Folder as well as know The File Maintenance Tips above is easy to get I guess, Please use the comment box below and share to friends.


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