Favourite Free Photo Sharing Apps for IOS and Android Phones

You have to be happy because i will be giving you some favourite free photo sharing apps for your IOS and Android phone.And for those that cant do without snapping photos and selfie.Thanks to the quality of an in built camera in the smartphone .

This is also as a result of the help of various favourite free photo sharing apps i will be dishing out here.We all know that some apps are more brighter than the smartphone itself when it comes to snapping and sharing of apps.

Favourite Free Photo Sharing Apps for IOS and Android Phones

  These are the free photo sharing apps below;

  • Instagram;Your Instagram posts can be shared on other social networks. family members ,loved ones or other users see what they post. They can also see the photos and video clips you share and it is also necessary to connect with others through private messages.

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  • Facebook- You can change your profile photo, share your weekend snaps, or photos that capture a special occasion or ceremony.to stay updated with what your friends and family do, and to let them see what you are up to Sharing photos on Facebook is a favourable way
  • Twitter;it is not new that twitter is another app on social media .one can easily post photos that can be seen by followers even though sharing of photo is not mainly done but it being done .It is being used  by millions of users across the world

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  • Flickr;this app helps one to chat and interact with other users in the community,it gives users the avenue to share their various photos online which can be included with a written caption
  • Cluster;this is another app that gives users the best ability to share their photos online by means of interactions .It helps one to share photo without opening up your secret
  • Smug mug;most photos that is being snap will definitely have its beauty by this app ,After it must have being snapped and edited then it will be shared to your friends and family
  • Muzy;The app gives you access to several effects and options to enhance your photos.Once you have edited your images with Muzy, you can save them or share them on Facebook or Instagram.
  • Tumblr;Tumblr is not only great in order to aid sharing of photos .It is designed to give users a platform to upload photos, text and videos and the description can be seen by others,

These above listed apps will definitely be your favourite free photo sharing apps all you need do is to make use the comment box when you find the apps good in sharing your photos 



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