Facebook Registration: Sign Up for Facebook Account here

Facebook has been rated has the second largest social website in the world. When you create facebook account, you will gain access to share pictures, ideas, and chat with your friends and family around the world.

Here, You will see the steps for Facebook registrations process. But before I start explaining the facebook registration guide, you should know that you need an email address to sign up for facebook account.

While in mobile registration you will either need email address or mobile number to successfully register facebook account.

How to start FAcebook Registration or Create a facebook account;

  • visit www.facebook.com
  • When the facebook home page opens, file the sign up below. This is how the sign up page looks like;

  • After all that, click on the sign up button below to register your facebook data.
  • Follow the remaining instructions like upload a profile picture, find friends, location, education details, working experience details (if any). But note that you can still skip all of this process but important for you to provide the details later.

This is how to register facebook account.



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