EBSU 2015/2016 Supplementary Admissions Form on sell


Ebonyi State University (EBSU) hereby call for on-line applications from qualified candidates that chose EBSU but who are yet to be offered provisional admissions on merit.

The on-line application commences from Monday 28th to Friday 9th October, 2015. Interested candidates are to note the following available courses/programmes for the limited supplementary admissions:

Faculty of Agriculture and Natural Resources Management (FARM)

        (i)     Agric Economics, Management and Extension

(ii)    Crop Science and Landscape Management

(iii)    Soil and Environmental Management

(iv)   Food Science and Technology

(v)    Animal Science, Fisheries and Aquaculture


                (a)    Animal Science

(b)    Fishery & Aquaculture

Faculty of Education (FEDU)

(i)     Arts and Social Science Education (with options)

(a)    Economics Education

(b)    Social Studies Education

(c)    English Education

(d)    Religion Education

(e)    Igbo Education

(ii)    Science and Computer Education (with options)

(a)    Chemistry Education

(b)    Physics Education

(c)    Biology Education

(d)    Mathematics Education

(e)    Integrated Science Education

(f)     Computer Science Education

(iii)    Technology and Vocational Education (with options)

(a)    Electrical Electronics Technology Education

(b)    Mechanical Technology Education

(c)    Building Technology Education

(d)    Woodwork Education

(e)    Agric Education

(f)     Home Economics Education

(iv)   Business Education (with options)

(a)    Accountancy Education

(b)    Secretarial Studies Education

(v)    Educational Foundations (with options)

(a)    Admin & Planning

(b)    Guidance and Counselling


(vi)   Human Kinetics Education

(a)    Human Kinetic Education

(b)    Health Education

Faculty of Management Sciences (FMS)

                (i)     Public Administration

(ii)    Business Management

(iii)    Marketing

(iv)   Accountancy, Banking and Finance


(a)    Accountancy

(b)    Banking and Finance

Faculty of Social Science and Humanities (FSSH)

                (i)     Mass Communication

(ii)    Economics

(iii)    Political Science

(iv)   Psychological and Sociological Studies

With Options:

(a)    Psychology

(b) Sociology & Anthropology

(v)    English Language & Literature

Languages & Linguistics

(vi)   (French)

(vii)   Igbo

(viii)  History and International Relations

(ix)    Philosophy

(x)     Religion

Faculty of Sciences

                (i)     Applied Biology

(ii)         Biotechnology

(iii)        Microbiology

(iv)   Industrial Physics

(v)    Geology/Exploration/Geophysics

(vi)   Computer Science

(vii)   Industrial Chemistry

(viii)  Ind. Maths and applied Statistics

Please Note: Applications for supplementary admission into Law, Medicine and Surgery, Medical Laboratory Sciences and Nursing Sciences will not be accepted or processed except as concessional request.

Deadline for EBSU 2015/2016 Supplementary Admissions Form/Registration

from Monday 28th to Friday 9th October, 2015.

How to Download EBSU 2015/2016 Supplementary Admissions Form

To download EBSU 2015/2016 Supplementary form;

  1. visit EBSU website: www.ebsu-edu.net.
  2. Click on Supplementary form link.
  3. Input your EBSU UTME registration number.
  4. Download the form and complete it as appropriate.
  5. Upload your passport photograph.
  6. Then click on submit.
  7. After submission, print your acknowledgement slip.

If you have any questions, use the comment box below.

Good Luck.



    EBSU should have allowed the general public to apply for the supplementary at once, just like FUNAI is already doing this year. Thank you!

  2. uche

    pls sir is Funai supplementary for only those that choose then in their utme

    • Well, that is how it normally be, but last year they also gave opportunities to those who did not apply for the school to still buy the post utme form. It’s likely to repeat this year again,just depending on the management

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