Download WeChat for PC Messenger for PCDownload WeChat for PC here. You can now simply log into the profile through your PC and continue your conversations. While a back-up is the conversation is created on your phone, all records are deleted from your system.

WeChat, unlike Whatsapp is not just another instant-messaging app. The app supports social network integration and you can link WeChat to your Facebook profiles too. So, since facebook don’t support facebook for desktop, WeChat Mewssenger can serve for that now.

How to Get a Conversation on top on WeChat Messenger?

  1. Login to your Messenger account
  2. Go to the “Contacts” tab
  3. Select the contact or friend you are interested in and click
  4. Click the person symbol on top-right of the screen
  5. On the profile, slide “Always on Top” from “Off” to “On”

Why is better then WhatsApp?

  • WeChat App now works on any kind of PC
  • The WeChat app supports social network integration, like integrating your Account with Facebook account.
  • WeChat messenger works on any mobile devices
  • Fast during chating

How to Download WeChat for PC

  1. Click here to download WeChat for Windows PC