Download Best Movie Making Apps for iPhone and iPad

There are some best movie making apps for android which will be used to make various movies of your choice. There are great options available, including free apps that will be very useful for iPad and iPhone users who want to discover their talent as filmmakers.

However, you don’t need to be a Hollywood director or have a huge budget to create your own movies. With the help of high quality software and your Apple device, you will be able to make your own movies with a professional touch. Best movie making apps are all below.

Best Movie Making Apps for Android

Here are the Best Movie Making Apps below;



  • Action Movies

This free app allows you to add special effects to the videos that you capture on your iPad and iPhone. There are multiple options available as in-app purchases including Star Wars special, Legendary Creatures, Sci-Fi packs, Mega blasts and more. If you enjoy car chases, big explosions, alien attacks and everything that Action movies offer, this is a great option. Download Here


  • IMovie

iMovie allows you to use your own music and sound effects for the soundtrack and you can also add narration. It is also possible to edit movies within a few minutes, by connecting a keyboard and using practical shortcuts. This app by Apple allows you to create unique movies using a variety of themes with transitions, music and titles. Click Here to download


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  • Movie Looks

Movie Looks allows you to apply the color and effects that suit your video and that will help you to transmit the emotions that you want to portray. This movie making app offers a variety of great effects that will make your videos look like a Hollywood production. You can add colors and music that will make your videos stand out, creating the right atmosphere for your creations. Download Movie Looks Here


  • Pinnacle Studio

Pinnacle Studio allows you to create and customize titles, choose songs for your movie’s soundtrack and share your movies on Facebook or YouTube. It is great for professionals and beginners alike since it offers advanced video, audio and photo editing options, as well as the necessary features to tell a story through your clips. Download Pinnacle studio here


  • Viva Video Pro

VivaVideo Pro is a fantastic video editor and video camera solution that lets you tell a story and share it with friends and family. it gives you access to a variety of professional editing tools, as well as multi capture options like Basic, Selfie and FX. Download here


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  • Animoto Video Maker

Animoto Video Maker also offers the possibility of adding captions for photos and it supports video clip trimmer. Animoto’s free video maker is also a great option for anyone who wants to create their own movie using their fantastic video editor and video camera solution from the Camera Roll or iCloud. Click to Download


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