Iroko TV has over 7000 collections of movies series and TV shows. Created Jason Njoku in 2011 with her head office at London, United Kingdom. Iroko Tv is not just a platform that distribute African movies they go beyond now. This TV station have grown to be one of African Television Station. Reaching her audience from many parts of Africa. In this post I will show you how to Download and Transfer Movies Using Iroko Tv Mobile App.

Iroko TV have become the giant of Nigerian movie distribution. They allow you to have great access to new and old Nigerian movie. As technology is moving the world to the next level. Now you don’t need to use Cable or TV to access Iroko TV, with your Smartphone it is made easy. They are so many advantages of using Iroko Tv app. You make the choice of movie – TV shows or series to Watch.

Many have wondered on how to access these movies offline and minimize their data usage. Actually that is what that led me to put down this guide to help you enjoy it all.


How to Download and Transfer Movies Using Iroko Tv Mobile App


For you to Download and Transfer Movies Using Iroko Tv Mobile App. Firstly download the mobile app from playstore. Make sure your mobile cellular data is on (on data connection) to enable internet connection. Then launch the application (Iroko mobile app) and follow the steps below to Download and Transfer Movies Using Iroko Tv Mobile App.


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  1. On your mobile Device, Launch your app Store
  2. Use the search box for the Iroko TV app
  3. Click on matched search for result and then install the app.
  4. When done with installation, click on the app to launch.
  5. On the menu bar, you will first download a movie before watching it. If it is the movie you want to share or transfer. Click on the movie and select the download button.
  6. Then click on the download icon on the menu bar.


Note: if you already have an account with Iroko TV all you need to do is to login unless create a new account.


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