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CryptoTab Browser Download: Start Mining and Earn free Bitcoin

CryptoTab is the world’s first browser with built-in mining feature. You may have had from several sources arguing the legitimacy of CryptoTab, There has been fake mining platforms that ends up not allowing their users rip their efforts. But Well, to be frank, CryptoTab isn’t like that.

Instead, it lets you earn cryptocurrency (BTC) just by visiting sites, watching videos, or chatting online using the browser.

Try the new CryptoTab Browser with improved mining algorithm, that has the ability to mine up to eight times faster compared to Google Chrome extension. YES, its the FACT!

There are several ways you can earn free cash prize and Bitcoin right in CryptoTab Browser. Everything you do here is free, expect if you have decided to go extra mile to BOOST your mining speed. And will be showing you every steps.

How to Download CryptoTab Browser for Free

  1. Click here to download the latest version of CryptoTab Browser that actually min fast
  2. Click on the download button and follow the steps to save it on your device (computer or mobile phone)
  3. Also, follow the steps to install the browser on your computer.
  4. Now its time to login to your browser.
    But then, make sure that you’ve created Google Gmail free account (Learn how to create a new Gmail account here) or other listed third part accounts supported CryptoTab browser to login with (Google, Facebook, Twitter, and VK)

How to Login into CryptoTab Browser

Please note that you can either turn on your mining machine to activate your mining first, or you may decide to login first; instead. Which ever comes first is OK.

But make sure You do both, if not your Bitcoin would be mining while surfing the net with your browser, which means you will be losing Bitcoins

To login…

Step 1: Click on the Three-dot lines button (that’s the menu bar)

cryptotab login image

Step 2: Click on “Log In”

cryptotab login image 2

Step 3: CryptoTab provides different channels to access (sign In); either with Google account, Facebook account, Twitter account or VK account.

Click on your preferred sign in method and proceed with the logging in.

Ues the link below to signup for a new account you’ll use to login CryptoTab Mining Browser:

How to sign up for a New Google Account
How to Sign up for a Twitter account
How to Sign up for a new Facebook account
– How to Sign Up for a new VK account

Step 4: For any choose to login with, you click on it, a new window (tab) opens for you to login to your account and agree to link the account with your CryptoTab Mining browser. Learn more about using a 3rd-party account to login another account.

I prefer using Google account to login. So use your preferred on.

And once that is done, you will see your name or profile image at the top right corner of the browser. Now, ever mining is going on (while using the browser) its taking effect on your account and you will see increase on your Bitcoin mining balance.

Download Latest Fast Mining CryptoTab Browser Here

How to Turn/Switch On Your Mining Machine

Now you’re on your CryptoTab browser, you’ll see the welcome note and tour (guide) to get started. You should follow it.

But just in case you already missed it, the steps below also guide you through the process.

Step 1: Click on the “C” to open the mining machine page. See image below;

cryptotab browser mining machine image 1

Step 2: By default, the mining machine is turned off, which means no mining is ongoing.

But in order to turn it on, you simply click/tap and hold and drag to to the “MAX” level. Make sure it reaches the end point of the “MAX”.

Once it is turned on, you should see the mining speed reading and you will also see the clicked icon (in step 1) is turned active.

Now make sure to login as the mining is now ongoing, to enable your account mining.

See the “Other tips and features of CryptoTab BTC Mining Browser Dashboard” below to learn more about the dashboard.

Tricks to Increase Mining Speed and Earn More Bitcoin Everyday

  1. Use the CryptoTab Browser every day.
  2. Make the browser your default browser.
  3. Surf your favorite website with the browser.
  4. Watch movies from online streaming platforms such as; YouTube, Netflix, etc.
  5. Do your downloads using the CryptoTab Browser every day.

Several Ways of Multiplying (Boost) your Bitcoin and Cash

Like I’d already saif from the starting of this page that there are various ways you can earn both BTC and Cash prizes.

Let’s start with the listing and how it works…

CryptoTab Special Invitation Promos

CryptoTab Special Invitation Promos doesn’t come all the time. It comes during celebration period (like; Esther, Xmas, Fathers day, Mothers day, etc) and during global crisis (like the Coronavirus Pandemic).

It is totally different from the usual invitation – the award for inviting consistently keep being credited to into your account for as long as you keep inviting and you even earn more while those you invited keep using the browser to min. As you read down the page you will understand better.

This is an open opportunity where CryptoTab awards fresh starters and existing users. You are awarded a certain amount; hundreds and thousands of dollars as far the promo is still on.

By inviting as many people as you can gives you an opportunity to win one of the 5 main prizes.

And inviting is simple, you don’t need to stress yourself about it. Let them know the benefits and importance of CryptoTab Browser, then share your invitation link to them and that’s all.

CryptoTab Weekly Promos

This one you need to always watch out for it. It is announced and at the same time sent to your CryptoTab mining dashboard (as pop-up) so you could always see it and take part.

Depending the nature, because it varies, sometimes its cash and other time could be Bitcoin is been given out as a pize. The weekly challenge everyone is a winner in as much you participated, unlike the In

CryptoTab Daily Promos Challenge

This is almost like the weekly promo. It comes as a reminded on things you have to do to earn more cash prizes or more BTC.

The pop-ups shows up on your CryptoTab browser once you launch/open it and connected to the internet.

CryptoTab Invitation Award (Affiliation Program)

Unlike the CryptoTab Special Invitation Promos, remember that every registered user has an invitation link, using your affiliation with CryptoTab mining browser.

Now you earn more BTC when people register or download the browser through your Affiliate invitation link (learn more how Affiliate/Invitation links works and meaning here) Which is added to your main mining balance to increase the amount mining to increase the amount you make on every mining opportunity you engage.

Grow Your Mining Network

This is almost the same as the “CryptoTab Invitation Award (Affiliation Program)”. Only that the more you invite people with your personal link is regarded as “creating or growing mining network“.

In CryptoTab, you can create your own mining network by inviting new users via your personal link. The mining network includes up to 10 levels of of referrals, which means you will get income;

  • from your friends mining ,
  • their fiends mining and further on.

Please note that the income you get NEVER affects what they also stand to benefit using the cryptoTab mining browser or other benefits.

And also note that the number of referrals on each level is unlimited.

So by inviting a few people, you can significantly increase your income.

Log-term Income Flow

Well, When I first started, I got to the 4th decimal figure then order for withdrawal, because I wanted to be sure that the CryptoTab Mining software is real and genuine. Learn how to withdraw BTC from CryptoTab mining to your Bitcoin wallet (here).

And I confirmed it and that made me developed interest to share with the world too.

But in a real sense of it, the more money you accumulate, the higher your mining and the higher your income. In other words, your mining becomes fast and the mining figures reads faster.

But no crime if you still want to be sure (like me) to confirm if the free Bitcoin mining is actually working as reviewed on Blog.

Download Latest Fast Mining CryptoTab Browser Here

Other tips and features of CryptoTab BTC Mining Browser Dashboard

  • You always see the mining process here, and at the same time, this shows your BTC current balance as it keeps adding up.
  • This part of the dashboard shows you were to switch on the mining machine. You have the control ability to the level you want your mining to go.

But I advise you always move to the endpoint of the “MAX”, to enable faster mining.

  • This is your personal link (aka invitation link or affiliate link). The link that earns you more awards when you share with your friends and family to download and start using the CryptoTab browser. See how affiliate link works here.
  • That is the mining machine menu panel. You are able to access login/log out, withdraw, amount of Bitcoin mined so far, Affiliate earnings and your total earning.

Also, you can see the progress of your network mining, mining speed, numbers of people under you, your personal affiliate link, etc.

  • And of course, this side of the panel shows you the number of people you have successfully invited under your mining network.

Now you know how to get started, so what are you still waiting for? using Mozilla, Chrome, and other browser doesn’t provide such an opportunity. Jump in HERE NOW to download the latest CryptoTab Browser on your mobile and PC right away.

It’s FREE!

Do you have any question or contributions?

Use the comment box below. I will answer every questions.


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