How To Connect Facebook Account with Skype Account

It has always been easy for me any time am surfing through the net. I found it so stressful opening my facebook and skype account at the same time.

Also when messages are coming in from the skype and facebook I could not not reply all so I just have to face one and chat .

I believe you should be facing such too. So that is why I have written this simple guide on how to connect facebook account with skype account. It is simple if only you will take your time to read it and also follow the step below:

First, you should have sign up with and

Download the skype messenger on your Pc or Phone.

After you have lunched the skype messenger, click on “Contact -> Contact list -> select facebook.

You will be ask for your facebook user name and password.

Then click on the login .

Your facebook account will now open on your skype. Now what you have to do is to start adding them.

That all is about ” how to connect facebook account with skype account free


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