How to Check Your Permanent Voter Card Registration Status Online

Everyone who is a citizen of Nigeria and has undergone the Voter Registration online can now go ahead to check their Voter Permanent Voter Card Registration Status as fast as possible.  There are some brief ways to go about the online checkers status. In this case, once you check for the voter card status online you can go ahead to request for it immediately. Therefore, by means of this page you can be wherever you are all you need to do is to have your mobile phone with you and by so doing you can Check Permanent Voter Card Registration Status Online. Without waiting much of your time lets bring forth how one can rightly Check the Voter card Registration Status. On the other hand, you can also make use of your mobile phone to send few information about yourself and will receive feedback immediately.

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How to Check Permanent Voter Card Registration Status Online

Here are the ways to check your status of your registered Voter Card to know if it is ready for collection.

  1. The first thing to do is to go to the voter registration official website
  2. Then proceed to open the drop down bar to sellect the state where you did the PVC registration
  3. You will now see a box that comes firts, there you will need to enter your ”Surname” ( Ensure it the one used during registration)
  4. The next step to take is to imput the last seven (7) digit of your Temporal Voters Card VIN (Voter Identification Number) but you can make it faster buy inserting your Date of Birth instead of Last 7 VIN Digits.
  5. Proceed to Tap on the ”Search” button


Here is screen shot of the website

How to Check PVC Registration Status with Mobile Phone

This other procedure to Check Your Permanent Voter Card is very simple and straight forword. All you need to do is to follow the steps below;

  1. Go to ”create message” on your phone, type by make use of this format. Your State, Last name and VIN e.g (Kwara, John, 11087)
  2. Then send to 081-7164-6879
  3. You will receive messages telling you about your PVC Registration Status. ( Note that you will be charged according to your service Network provider)

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Note: for questions and enquiries the citizens Contact care centre is available and can also be reached through the following numbers and email.
0700- 2255-4632 Email: [email protected]

We just cant help it simply because must persons will be so worried about when their PVC will be out because they will be deeply in need of it for one transaction or the other you are very lucky you can now Check Permanent Voter Card Registration Status at your own convenient time.

Make good use of the comment box below to ask one or two questions that might seems to be a burden to you.

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