Check List of Npower Shortlisted Candidates 2017

List of Npower Shortlisted Candidates for 2017 is now out, candidates can check for their names on the application portal. This list contains successfully shortlisted candidates for pre-selection 2017.


Npower is a federal government employ opportunity program to empower the youth. Npower is a program that allows you to acquire or develop your skills. In this program the federal government empowers the trained youth and help them to startup and run their business.

How To Check Shortlisted Candidates Npower Pre-selection

Below is how to check the Npower list for your pre-selection status. Please follow instructions carefully.


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List of Npower Shortlisted Candidates – How To Check Pre-selection Status


  1. Please long on to N-power website at
  2. Click on “check your pre-selection status”
  3. In the search box, type in your name or phone number or email address or BVN
  4. If you have been pre-selected by N-Power, your name will pop up
  5. You will receive sms and email from N-Power congratulating you on your pre-selection
  6. Next you prepare for N-Power physical verification between November 27th – December 8th, 2017


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List of Npower Shortlisted Candidates, Hotlines for Complain


If you encounter any challenges when checking the list, please call any of the following numbers for enquires



  • 09060000445
  • 09060000446
  • 09060000447
  • 09060000448
  • 09060000449
  • 09060000450
  • 09060000451
  • 09060000452
  • 09060000453
  • 09060000454


  • 09055555960
  • 09055555961
  • 09055555962
  • 09055555963
  • 09055555964
  • 09055555965


  • 09099998401
  • 09099998402
  • 09099998403



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