How to Check Bank Verification Number on MTN Network

If you looking for how to check Bank Verification Number on your mobile phone without having to visit your bank’s branch its very easy all you should do is to read through. And you can as well know your Bank Verification Number with your mobile device using USSD code.

The procedure of how To Check Your Bank Verification Number on MTN has really gone a long way to answer all your questions about Bank Verification Number. BVN is a 11 digit number from your bank that has a lot of benefit, to know the process to check and as well the benefits scroll down.

How to Check Bank Verification Number

Here is how to check Bank Verification Number below;

  1. In this case you need no Internet connection to be able to check your BVN. Everything you need is a code for checking BVN which is Code is *565*0#. Note it every where you go.
  2. But for voice call If you need to know your BVN number you can just send send the 4 numbers. Ensure you are making use of registered network which is attached to your bank account. This code was originated to check BVN on MTN. However, it is suitable for all the banks in Nigeria.
  3. Also make sure that you have the account balance of a token fee of N10 only which will be deducted. Only check BVN only in case you really need it because it must be personal.


Benefits Of BVN in Nigeria

  1. The number one benefit of BVN is that it gives one unique identification that can be verified across the Banks in Nigeria (peculiar to all other Banks).
  2. Secondly, it offers great security to your bank account connected to all other banks.
  3. It also addresses issues of fraudsters; hard get exposed one to fraud.
  4. It assists to fish out blacklisted customers in the Banking Industry.
  5. BVN will help to connect all other bank account you have in Nigerian Banks.

How To Enroll For BVN Through Any Bank in Nigeria

The following are the basic steps on how to register for BVN in Nigeria;

  1. All you need to do is to visit any bank of your choice.
  2. Secondly, request, appropriately fill and submit your BVN registration form.
  3. Then capture your Image and fingerprints.
  4. After, you will be giving an acknowledgment slip with the transaction ID.
  5. You will receive a message with in 24 hours telling that you have a new BVN which can be linked with all your bank accounts in Nigeria.

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