Buying A Used Car Checklist

Tips For Buying A Used Car Checklist

Buying a car is good, buying a used car is better? Well, it all depends on you. Before you buy a used car, we have decided to highlight the tips for buying a used car checklist. This checklist is very important. This is because it can determine if you end up buying a good or bad car: if you end up buying an asset or a liability.

So, let’s be clear. Most uninformed people usually think that buying a used car is bad. Like I pointed out, they are uninformed. To buy a used car is very beneficial: it has lots of advantages you should consider. But, I suppose you already know that. So, I want to make sure you get it right. This is why I want you to consider this buying a used car checklist.

This will ensure you are not deceived into buying an almost-dying car. Are you set to ride?

Buying A Used Car Checklist

Here are the things to consider when you want to buy a second hand or tokunbo car as it is usually called.

1. Inspect The Exteriors

I am sure this is basic knowledge. Isn’t it? For you, maybe, yes. For others? I wouldn’t tell. Whatever it is, you need to consider checking the car’s exteriors. Take a look round the body of the car. Are they scratches? Rusts? Dents? Does the exterior look like what you’d like? Ensure the car is parked on a very flat surface before checking. Open the trunk and take a critical look. Ensure the frame is in good shape. Check out for body rust that could be covered with paints etc.

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2. Evaluate The Interior

Once you are done with checking the outside of the car, it is time to look inside it. There are lots of things you can check in the interior of a car you want to buy. Check if the upholstery is in good shape. Are there stains, rips and tears? Is the car air-conditioner in good shape? Sit on seats to check how good they are. Does the interior smell so musty? What about the car carpet and floor mats? How are they?

3. Test Drive

Another vital information on buying a used car checklist is for you to go a test drive. This is very vital if you want to ensure you buy a good and healthy second-hand car. I assume you know how a good car is when driving it. This is what you should focus on when test driving the car. How is the car alignment? What about the brakes, side mirrors, speed limit, engine sounds, gears, etc? Do you think they are in good shape?

You also have to consider the controls while test driving the car. Are they unusual bumps whenever you change gears. How are the vibrations during speed increase?

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4. Check Out For The Mileage

This simply means the total miles a car can cover in a given period of time. This is another important stuff you should check before signing the cheque. Amongst other things to consider, never overlook this. Cheki advised that if a car that was produced in the year 2012 has a mileage of 60,000 in the year 2017, that represents a good mileage. However, if the mileage is around 110,000 or more, you have to avoid buying such a car.

On the overall, bear in mind that a car having a high mileage isn’t really bad on its own, while a car having low mileage doesn’t mean that the car is healthy and in good shape.

5. Don’t Go Alone

Well, I need to include this here. This will be the worst mistake you can make when you want to buy a used car. If you go alone to check a used car when you know nothing about cars, you stand every chance to buy a very poor car. Take it from me. You need to go with someone who knows cars and how they work.

Do you have any friend or relative you could go with? If you don’t have any, what about going with a car mechanic that knows about the model of the car you want to buy? Apart from keeping you from being cheated, this person can help point out things you overlooked or forgot to check.

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We have listed major things you need to consider in buying a used car checklist. It is important to consider these tips. You would also need to consider the integrity of the person selling the car. Don’t focus on the price and forget the security you should check out for. Don’t fall victim to buying a stolen car.

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