Three was pandemonium, yesterday, in Egor Local Government Area of Edo State, when a JSS III student of Useh Secondary School, identified simply as Osamudiamen, was found dead in Edo flood.

When the news of his death came to the authorities of the school, both students and teachers raced to the scene to retrieve the body.

A source at the school told the Newsmen that It happened at about 9 a.m. when six of the students left the school premises. Nobody knew where they went. It was later that people started saying that they saw one boy drowning in the water. So we rushed down to rescue him but by the time we got there some people had brought him out from the water. But he was already dead.

“We were told that when they got to the water, which gathered after it rained two days ago, the boy jumped inside to swim and in the process drowned. Others ran away and went to call people to help but before they could rescue him he was already dead.”

When newsmen arrived the school, there was confusion as the authorities made frantic effort to take the corpse to the mortuary while they tried to reach the parents of the deceased.

The teachers who craved anonymity expressed shock, wondering what would have made them leave the school premises when they were supposed to be in the class.

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