How to Borrow Credit from MTN, GLO, Airtel, Etisalat

Its a trending achievement from this network providers, now we can borrow credits from MTN, GLO, Airtel and Etisalat. But I came to understand that many do not know the appropriate code to borrow Credit from them (MTN, GLO, Airtel and Etisalat).

Here am going to show you how to Borrow Credit from MTN, GLO, Airtel and Etisalat using your mobile phone.

I am going to explain this bit-by-bit. So lets start with ;

How to Borrow Credit from MTN – MTN Borrow Credit Shortcode:

MTN XtraTime attracts a service charge of 5% of the airtime borrowed. For example, if N100 XtraTime is requested for, a service fee of N5 is first deducted, and the remaining N95 is credited to the customers special XtraTime account.

For MTN Network,  to borrow Airtime credits, simply dial the shortcode *606#. select what you want to do on the MENU that shows up by replying the message with the number on the MENU – Reply with 2 to request for Extra time i.e borrow credits.


How to Borrow Credit from Glo – Glo Borrow Credit Shortcode:

But before that you are advice to request through the predefined short code *321#, which will provide the you the amounts qualified for.

  1. On your phone, dial *321#
  2. Type in a 4-digit PIN you will be using for the service
  3. Use the pin to borrow credit in this format:  *321*pin*amount you want to borrow#
  4. You can used the borrowed airtime like normal credit for browsing, calling and sending SMS.
  5. For GLO Nigeria network, they deduct 5% of the amount you borrowed unlike MTN that deducts 10%.

If you need a specified amount of airtime on your line, used the codes below:
*321*50# ==> N50
*321*100# ==> N100
*321*200# ==> N200
*321*500# ==> N500
*321*1000# ==> N1000


The Emergency Airtime Service allows active Globacom prepaid customers who meet the eligibility criteria set out in the table below.

Eligibility Matrix
Denomination (N)Time on Network (Months)Average Monthly RefillsAverage Monthly Usage (N)

The airtime advanced is subject to a service charge as mentioned below

Service Charges

Denomination (N)Time on Network (Months)Average Monthly Refills


How to Borrow Credit from Airtel Nigeria – Airtel Borrow Credit Shortcode:

For Airtel Nigeria, the process is the same. The code to activate this service is *500#. If you are an Airtel subscriber whose line is more than 3 months old and has paid back all credit loans you have collected, here is how to borrow on Airtel line:

Dial *500# and follow the instructions shown
*500*50# —-» N50
*500*100# —-» N100
*500*200# —-» N200
*500*500# —-» N500


How to Borrow Credit from Etisalat – Etisalat Borrow Credit Shortcode:

The borrow me credit code for  Etisalat is *665#. Just use *665*amount#

Bout note that you without using up to N450 or more on Etisalat Nigeria network in the last 90days, you won’t be eligible for this service to borrow credit.

To get a text confirming whether your line is eligible or note send an sms ; “STATUS” to 665, you would.



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