Body Languages That Brings Attraction

There are some body languages that brings quick attraction among men and women. This article is specially based on how women will create attraction and be noticed by men. These attractions are easily created and noticed. The body language is easily understood by every guy and the signals are easy to create. People I talk with about body languages, have their main interest set in discovering out the flirting signals of the opposite sex and how to know when somebody is attracted towards them.

Actually, it is fun to explore these body languages, which brings maximum attraction. As a lady If you have been finding it difficult on how to attract men, this article will help you as a lady to attract men, and bring their attention toward you. As a guy you have to go through the article to notice when a lady needs your concentration.

Body Signals That Brings Maximum Attraction

The following are body signals that brings attractions

  1. Touching

Touching the hand brings high level of intimacy than a touch on the arm. Look for an opportunity to touch him on his arm and if there is no chance to reach his hand. When you shake hands with him it is a rapid way to progress to touch stage. Try to repeat the touch if possible to let him know the touch is accidental. Mind you that first impression matters, make sure you are well dressed and that you look smart. When you have touched him pretending is accidentally, next step is to follow in discussion with him. First tell him sorry and admit the touch is accidental, my dear you have gotten what you need. From there talk continues.

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  1. Eye contact

Looks across and spots a man you like. Then you need to deliver a gaze, on average three times and try to meet the guy’s eye. They continue to stare at each other repeatedly for several occasions and is the start of the flirting route. Waits untill he notices you then holds his gaze for about five seconds and turns off. He keep on looking at her to see if she stares across again.

  1. Preening

She flick her hair, She may lick her lips, and set straight her clothing and jewellery. He’ll respond with gestures such as standing up straight, adjusting his clothing, touching his hair and tucking his thumbs into his belt. They both point their feet towards each other. She plays with her hair for some seconds, siting up straight to show her breasts and crossing her legs to show them. She might expose her bare neck if she is standing. This body language brings 100 percent body attraction.


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  1. Smiling

If you convey one or more fleeting smiles. It is a quick half smile that is projected to give a potential man the green light to make an approach toward her. Sorry to say that many men are not responsive to this signal. This make the woman feel that he is not interested towards her. Many a times this body language brings attraction.

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  1. Talking

He talks to get your attention. Raising her voice louder, when discussing with her friends. But in this body language, you have to check and notice the guy if he likes some that talks much. This body language really brings much attraction. When you talk and notice that he has be staring at you, bae you have gotten him. In this body language try to speak phonetics and flow very well in English.


The above body language brings maximum attraction and we hope it will help you to catch a lot of fun with your desired man. Do share and make use of the comment box below. Thanks for reading.



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