8 Biggest Mistakes Done With Contact Lenses Could Damage Ones Eyes

For all contact lenses users, it is important to have knowledge about the safety measures and also what common mistakes you may be making. This will help you avoid mistakes in the future and protect your vision. Here are the biggest mistakes done with contact lenses below.

Biggest Mistakes Done With Contact Lenses Could Damage Ones Eyes

  • Wearing Contacts for Too Long

No matter what type of contacts you have, avoid wearing them too long. This is a simple and effective way to reduce your risk for infection.


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  • Sleeping in Your Contacts

It is not at all safe to sleep with your contacts in. Extended wear deprives the corneas of oxygen, which can lead to irritation and discomfort, and even a serious infection.


  • Wearing Your Contacts in Water

You should remove your contact lenses before going in any water. Also, you must never store your contacts in water. Always use sterile saline solution recommended by your doctor.


  • Using Tap Water to Clean Contacts

Always wash your contacts in appropriate solution that is recommended by your eye doctor. It is best to always carry contact-friendly eye drops or a travel-sized contact lens solution with you.


  • Handling Lenses with Unclean Hands

Make sure you dry your hands thoroughly before handling your contact lenses because the microbes that cause eye infections are present in water as well.


  • Wearing Your Contacts Past the Expiration Date

Never risk your eye health to prolong the use of a pair of contacts. By wearing old contact lenses, you are not saving money, instead you are calling for expensive medical bills.


  • Wearing Contacts even When Your Eyes Hurt

At times, your eyes may be hurting due to something wrong in the lenses. Remove your contacts immediately and inspect them carefully for any signs of chips or tearing. If there is still any part of your lenses remaining in your, see an optometrist right away.


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  • Improper Care of Contact Lenses and Storage Cases

Always Clean your contact lenses with the recommended solution daily. Always wash your hands before handling your contacts. After cleaning, store them in a case with fresh solution.


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