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Finding jobs in Canada is never easy for foreigners, although there are constant job openings for foreigners in Canada, how to get information to apply for these openings can be daunting. But the good news is that in this era where things are now easier than they were before, all Canadian Job listings are available online.

We are going to explore online portals with information about jobs in Canada (websites to apply for Canadian jobs abroad) in this article along with the concepts of job portals in Canada.

What Are Job Portals

Job Portals which are otherwise called Job Board are online search engines where job advertisements are being placed. They usually contain the requirements and nature of work, so that job seekers can search for the ones that their credentials fit.

The job boards are not representative of a particular company recruiting, they only have job information so it will be easier for job seekers to know the available position in a particular company and at a particular location.

Reasons for Job Portals

We’ve known that job websites usually comprise job openings across all fields for a particular location or more, so that job seekers can easily apply for jobs. This isn’t the only use they have, others include:

1. Job Notification

When you sign up for a particular job website, you will need not be wasting time searching for jobs, you will be receiving notifications automatically when new jobs matching your search criteria are posted.

2. Get Your Resume To Recruiters

Using job portals will attract the right recruiters to you, however, this will be possible if you uploaded your resume on the portal.

3. Resume Building Tips

They also help you build your resume by providing the right tips needed to get the job that fits your demand. 

4. Tips To Find Job Online

The job portals don’t only let you get notification of jobs available, they as well provide tips on how to find jobs online e.g how to avoid scams jobs, etc.

Websites to Apply for Canada Jobs Abroad 

We have mentioned above that finding jobs in Canada can be daunting but it is easier when you know the websites to Apply for Canada Jobs Abroad. Thus, these are the top websites to apply for Canadian jobs abroad.

1. Indeed Canada

Generally, Indeed is one of the most largest job listing websites in the world will millions of daily job listings across the world. for the simplicity to search for a job near you or in particular interest of location, indeed has sub-portals for all the countries, including your current country. For example; this page is about finding foreign jobs in Canada it’s simply going to the Indeed Canada portal.

The job portal attracts thousands of employers in Canada as it helps jobs from career sites and classified listings and displays them on its site. If there is a job available in Canada, it will be posted on Indeed. The site is free to use for Canadian citizens and foreigners. Various industries within Canada that usually post their openings on Indeed include healthcare, transportation, IT, administration, and warehousing.

2. Workopolis

This job website isn’t an international site like Indeed. It is however one of the top websites to apply for Canadian jobs abroad. It offers job services in French and English and is free to use. The portal is easy to navigate. It contains a section where foreign jobs are posted that allows foreign jobs seekers to easily apply for available jobs.

Workopolis also ensure that it provides job seekers with full information about the position available to make the application an easy procedure for them.

3. Robert Half

The Robert Half job portal helps you find thousands of on-site, remote, and hybrid job listings from companies within Canada and beyond. Top job listings on the site include finance, law, technology, and others. Robert Half is easy to use and it provides tips on how to land a job and career development.

4. Monster Canada

Monster Canada allows you to easily find jobs in Canada. The portal is free to use just like others, however, it is a unique job site as it has a system that helps job seekers know the jobs that are relevant to their skills and interest. Also, there are tips on the site that tells how to professionally presents a resume to attract employers.

5. eJobbo

eJobbo is another Canadian job platform that you can to secure a job in Canada. It is easy to use and navigate just like other sites. eJobbo is unique as it has a smart matching system that works intelligently to only show jobs that are most compatible with your skills, experience, education, and others. Also, it has a video feature that allows you to sell yourself. 

eJobbo is an affiliate with the Canadian Visa immigration and visa agency. If perhaps you apply for your work permit or permanent residence with Canadian Visa, Jobb will automatically create a user profile for you to start your job hunting while your visa is being processed.

6. Eluta

Eluta is a job site that helps you find jobs directly from Canadian employers, meaning that job seekers usually are expected to information about unadvertised jobs that aren’t in search engines on Eluta. However, its services come with a fee.

7. Canadian Job Bank

This is a job service for the Canadian government. It is suitable for individuals who are qualified for the Express Entry Visa as well as employers in Canada that want to support foreign workers’ permanent residency applications as it helps candidates with valid job offers earn 50 or 200 points based on the type of job.

8. Simply Hired

SimplyHired is an international job service that contains job listings in Canada and 23 other countries. It provides information on companies recruiting and helps you compare their salary scales with others. All these services provided come with no cost.


Various job sites have job openings information in Canada for foreigners. We have just enumerated the top websites to apply for Canadian jobs abroad so that it will be easier for you to secure a job in the country. Please, understand that this is only information to enlighten you on how to get jobs in Canada through online portals, it is not in any way a recommendation.


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