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The medium in which we communicate has really gone a long way to help improve ones motive of communication, in order words, text message is a good agent of communication. The best SMS apps for android phones helps to send messages as fast as possible ans also receive messages when sent and received by a recipient.

Although, one may decide to make a call, but we all know that without network and airtime communication can not be done, and this is the basic usefulness of this best SMS apps for android phones whereby it helps to send messages fast and easily. This can be done by sending messages through social media like Facebook, whatsapp, etc

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Here are List of Best SMS Apps for Android Phones

Please note that the Android SMS app listed here are not limited, meaning that there are still other types, but Team has recommended these. Below are the available option of apps to enable you send messages;

  • Float SMS

For one to send messages easily, go in for its Chatting style which displays one client for every conversation. Possibly you can chat with as many persons online. Sometimes conversation interference is very interesting. You can as well make various designs with different colours and themes, you can also customize your notification settings, custom fonts etc. Float SMS support the changes of different languages such as French, Danish, Vietnamese and German etc. Download the Float SMS app here


  • Handcent Next SMS

Handcent helps to make sending of text messages easier and faster, it also allows you to stay in touch with friends and family when in need. You can designs with different colours and themes beautiful design, but what is really convenient about the app is that that you can send SMS from your computer, or tablet. Even if you are not with your your phone, or can’t use it, you will be able to send messages as fast as possible. Download here


  • EvolveSMS

EvolveSMS is a well-established communication solution that allows users to move from one conversation to another without hassle. The app supports a good variety of features including password protection, the option to save messages and media content for messages. It is fast and offers multiple customization options to make your texts feel really unique. It combines good looks and powerful functionality. You can download here

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  • Google Messenger

Google messenger offers an option that will enable you to send and receive SMS and MMS to your recipient. The app gives room for designs and it enables other features. You can as well block SMS senders if necessary, send audio messages, themes, share your location etc. It also allows you to share music, messages, photo, videos to a group of your choice. Click here to get Google Messenger App


  • Signal Private Messenger

security is what helps in privacy. Most people try to find effective means to communicate. it is vital to search for ways to ensure that our communications are secured. Signal is designed to allow one to send messages convenient way. You don’t need to border about text message fees so you can have rest of mind, knowing fully well that your chat still remain private. Get the app here

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This is a customized app which enables you to send SMS with 100 different  unique themes. There is nice which includes features, the option to send messages, which is very portable to send messages to friends and family or loved ones. You can as well block contacts and enjoy the best group messaging when ever you feel like. Get Chomp SMS for Android here.



YAATA is another app for communication, it offers the feature to adjust different functions and themes to enable it suit your choice. It is as fast as possible. it is effective and very light. Using YAATA app you can send and receive SMS, photos, videos, audio files, GIFs etc. It enables group chats and block messages from sending. Download App for Android here.


You can click on the available options to make your choice on the above listed best SMS apps for android phones. Simply give your feed back by using the comment box below. Enjoy!!

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