List Of Best Dance Schools In The Globe, Admission Details

Dancing is turning to be awesome and interesting more than the past years. Dance has developed to what I call the apex. The unique movement of the body is great. They are many dance schools in the world today. These dance schools are specialized in giving interested persons the best and quality training in the world of dance.

Change is constant that is good, now parents can allow their kids to pick up dancing as a career and life profession unlike before when dancing has no value. We the Newsyarena team presents to you best dance schools in the world today. Parents can check it out and know the ones to enroll their kids in.

Top 5 Dance schools in the World

The following are 5 best dance schools in the world –

Juilliard Dance School

Juilliard dance school is a NewYork based dance school. The school which is popularly know is ranked as the best dance school in the world today. They offer a four years undergraduate program. The school majorly focus on creating contemporary dancers who are equally trained in modern dance and classical ballet. Guest choreographers and teaching artists teach in conjunction with Juilliard’s faculty. Alfredo Corvino, who toured and directed with the Metropolitan Opera Ballet is one of their ballet master.

The dance school only accepts 24 students each year – 12 male and 12 female. Students in the dance school attend atleast 15 public performance each year. They admit dancer with strong understanding of modern dance and ballet.


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The University Of The Arts

This university is among the best dance schools in the world today. The dance school is located at Philadelphia City of Brotherly love. This school has the largest undergraduate programs of art including a department of dance school. Their dance school is multi-based focusing on different dance style such as jazz, ballet, modern and creativeness. Some of the required courses include body pathways, extended practice lab.

The school has about 14 dance studios where student practice and acquire skills. In the school they are many dance groups for students to join in other to improve. The school has one of the well known teachers who has play a very big role in the world of dance Professor Brian Sanders – Brian is one of the handful of teachers at the schools who have connections to jobs for working dancers all over the world. If you are interest you can check the school’s website for their audition.


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Skidmore Dance School

Skidmore college dance is quite different from other schools of dance. They don’t need audition for admission to the dance school. Their major base are technical training in ballet and modern dance as well as academic inquiry of the field. Swan Song organized by Justin Peck, resident Choreographer of the New York City Ballet, is one cool project that dancers engage in the school. A professor is always available to student to help improve on their skills.

New York University Dance School

New York University dance school popularly known as Tisch School of the Arts. The dance school has a lot to offer to me they are the best. New York University dance school teaches her students a lot of things, not only dance but also in production. Some of their areas of specialization are move to the beat of the music, but also how the body moves with classes like Kinesthetic of Anatomy and Production Crew in Dance, where students will learn about technical side of producing a show and lighting and stage equipment .

This dance school is loaded, with many summer programs for her students. At the end of each summer students will be tested. This school is located in different parts of the world like Asia and many more.


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Mason Gross School of the Arts, Rutgers University

This school of dance is located 45 minutes drive out of New York City on the New Brunswick campus of Rutgers University. Mason Gross School of the Arts dance department gives instruction in dance techniques, performance, somatic studies, theoretical studies, choreography, and pedagogy. They also focus on the intersection of dance performance and research inquiry.

Dance training opportunities include a range of courses, from dance for video to kinesiology. The dance department is an accredited member of the National Association of Schools of Dance and offers such degrees as a B.F.A. in dance performance, a five-year track B.F.A./Ed.M, a B.A. in dance, , an Ed.M. in dance education with or without state certification.


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