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There are some practices that bis needed to use when chat with someone he might be your friend or your loved once which is the best chatting practices that is ought to be used to interact with people . Some people will go ahead chatting without knowing people will no feel at home chatting with such a person, so its left for you to know be observant to know when you are ignored and neglected.

Best Chatting Practices You Need

Here are the practices below;


  • Start conversation With Greetings

Some people often make this mistake. They do not even greet and directly come to the point. It might make the person on the other side to feel unethical or rude. You need to show yourself that you are a polite and decent person. Probably, what you need to first is to greet with “Hello” or “Hi” then ask about his/her health. Ask about how his life was going and so on. This will make him feel like you are the right person. Otherwise, they might not even feel like replying to your texts.


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  • Be Positive in chatting

No matter what kind of relation you are expecting from him. You need to stay active. Every relationship demands positive attitude whether it is a friendship or any other. Use a word which creates positive chat. It will make the person start getting interested in you. This chat is going to very much attractive if you will follow the step.


  • Friendly Questions

If you are interested in the particular person but he is a little shy. You need to overcome his shyness. For this ask question which might be of her interest like do you have any pet? Do you like to visit new places? It is going to be ice breaking. Every topic will lead to another one, and you will start enjoying the chat.


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  • Try to be jovial

It sometimes happens when you do not feel comfortable. The reason behind it can be any topic which you do not want to discuss etc. In this case, do not hesitate and tell her about your issue. Even if you are feeling nervous, tell him. He might help you by creating a comfortable chatting environment. Just be honest by referring to the discomfort. This will assist the person on the side to know about your likes and dislikes. So, he will avoid talking about those particular things.


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