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TSTV will have a lot to battle with DSTV, we see it as a direct alternative to DSTV rather than Startime, myTv and others. Becoming a dealer or agent of TSTV gives you a lot of opportunities. Many may be wondering what are the requirements to become TSTV satellite agent, here we have the answer to that question, and hope to help you become the dealer you dream of.


This TV cable is owned by a Nigerian BRIGHT ECHEFU, is a DHT pay TV that offers both local and international channels, there are a lot of features – shows all sports matches like premier league, la liga, Germany league, Spain League and etc. this article is based on how to become TSTV satellite agent


How To Become TSTV Satellite Agent – Become TSTV Dealer

The following will hlep you to become TSTV satellite agents – requirements and how you will apply


How To Become TStv Satellite Agent – Requirements


  1. You Must have a registered business name
  2. Telephone number
  3. You must have knowledge of local market
  4. CAC Certificate
  5. CAC form 2
  6. CAC form 7
  7. Passport photo
  8. Office picture


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Steps To Register Become TStv Satellite Agent


  1. Visit the registration portal CLICK HERE
  2. Fill the registration form correctly- provide valid informations
  3. Check your detail and make corrections
  4. Then click submit
  5. After that you application form will be considered, if accepted you will be contacted .


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Things You Should Know When Becoming Become TStv Satellite Agent


Below are the 6 things you should know about TSTV before making purchases;

  1. The N5000 for TSTV initial purchase includes a decoder, a dish and a remote control but excludes any installation service charge.
  2. TSTV Pay AS You Go pause service i.e. the ability to pause your subscription when not in use would be available to those that would go for the maximum subscription which is the monthly N3,000 package and you would only be able to pause subscription not more than 7 days, thereby allowing you 37 days at most for your monthly subscription.
  3. The 20GB data is available only for the first time you buy the decoder, as it is a bonus. For subsequent subscriptions, you get 10GB data
  4. TSTV has incorporated its subscription service payments into Quickteller the popular E-payment service in the country and just like DSTV, you would also be able to easily pay for your TSTV subscriptions through Quickteller.
  5. You would be able to buy extra 1GB data or above from TSTV at the cost of N300 for 1GB
  6. TSTV data allocation has nothing to do with watching of TVST channels but just a separate and additional offer to the entire TSTV concept or better still what you commonly regard as Value Added Service (VAS)


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