How to Become A Dangote Cement Company Distributor

We all know that before anything is being done there have to be procedures as well as the right requirements to go about it. Therefore, for you to become one of Dangote Cement Company Distributor you should have some basic requirements. This will help you increase your source of income and also have connections with all other distributors.

These requirements will be given below in order to know if you are actually qualified for the Dangote Cement Company Distributor. Scroll through this update to know more about how to go about the being a Distributor of Dangote Cement.

How to Become A  Dangote Cement Company Distributor

The following are the ways to become a distributor of Dangote Cement;

  1. First of all, It is very much important to have a company that is registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission.
  2. The next step is to open a corporate account with any Nigerian Bank where as the account Name must also bear that of your company’s name.
  3. Try to obtain reference letter from your bank and move to any close Dangote Company you know.
  4. Then Download Dangote Cement Distributor Application form or get it from the company.
  5. Go ahead to fill the form appropriately.
  6. Ensure you can purchase a trailer of cement at once.
  7. Application will be successful with 48hrs.

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Online Registration Requirements;

Here are the requirements to become a distributor of Dangote cement;

  1. You need a certificate of company registration from Corporate Affairs Commission
  2. An Application letter
  3. A Scanned copy of bank Reference Letter
  4. Passport Photograph of the company’s representative
  5. Passport photograph of the company’s Managing Director.

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Necessary Things Required to Put in Place Before Becoming a Distributor;

  1. A ware house is needed to store your cements
  2. If you are a retailer you need a store where you can sell your cement
  3. Have the contacts of all customers who are also retailers in order to have the means to supply to them.
  4. And Lastly, Get a trailer that can convey your cement to where it will be off loaded.

Dangote Cement Company Distributor may not be an easy task to be attained but that does not mean you shouldn’t start somewhere. You can share this to a friend, also For comments and Contributions please use the comment box below. Thanks.

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