Top 5 Aviation Business Schools in Nigeria | Courses and School Fees

There are some Top Aviation Business schools in Nigeria that are approved and gained license, must especially to study about fight and even get the means to fly around the world. Here is where you can equally get the Top aviation schools of your choice and even get to know the school fees that are paid.

In other words, Aviation schools in Nigeria are ready to welcome new students this year. If you have great interest to fly around the world, then read through the best Aviation Business schools in Nigeria to know which come first. Peradventure you have a dream to fly abroad then go through the list of the Top Aviation schools below.

Top 5 Aviation Business Schools in Nigeria

1. Dhaewood Aviation Business Schools (DABS)

The DABS Is a private school which was established in 2005 for people who want to have a prosperous career in aviation industry. For prospective student who wants to go through the training should try as much as possible to search for the school website for update on admission processes.

  • School Fees

The payment of school fees is dependent on the course of study. The pilot courses of the Dhaewood Aviation Business School can cost up to 7 million Naira (2 years courses) while the lowest fee will be about fifty thousand Naira (payment for a three-month course).

  • Benefit of DABS

The benefit of DABS comprises of a certified team of qualified IATA tutors who teaches about 44 Aviation courses and 34 other courses. The DABS also hires foreign tutors, so that they can assist one to understand and assimilate the basics of the training you are going through.


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2. Landover Aviation Business Schools (LABS)

The LAB is one of the best aviation schools located in Lagos, Nigeria. It offers a wide range of aviation courses in Nigeria which was established in 2002. It joined all other important disciplines/courses to make one active as well as industrious in the aviation industry.

  • LABS School Fees

This school payment also depends on the course one which to study and choose. There is provision for Ticketing Programme and Basic Airfares which cost up to N75, 000. This course will be completed in the space of two weeks and at the same time, the Basic Flight Dispatcher`s Course will cost up to N230,000.

  • Benefit of LABS

The school offers various aviation courses to students for necessary aviation discipline which are available for study. The LABS has three faculties which are;

  1. Faculty of Aviation Technical and Aviation Operations which includes basic flight dispatchers courses.
  2. Faculty of Aviation and Management Operations.
  3. Faculty of Travel and Tourism which includes the following courses, International Air Transport Association, Ticketing Programmes and Basic Airfares.


3. International Aviation College (IAC)

International Aviation College is the first private owned aviation college in established in Kwara state to train various prosperous persons in the aviation industry in Nigeria. IAC is a top aviation school in the country. It`s located at the International Airport at Ilorin, Kwara State. Flight actually started in 2013 which have Diamond air craft to their disposal.

  • School Fees Payment

Talking about the School fees, it is over N7million which the course of study is to last for about 18Month (a year and 6 month) after which you will be given your Private Pilot License.

Furthermore, any one that wants to gain admission in this school must be “17 years” and above and must have credit passes in English, Math, Physics, Geography and any other relevant subject. She/he must undergo some screening ability and aptitude test.

  • Benefit of IAC

This School is equipped with latest structured computer base and teaching techniques, highly qualified instructors who help to teach various aviation specializations.


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4. Nigerian College of Aviation Technology (NCAT)

NCAT was established far back in the year 1964. It is presently located in Zaira Kaduna State. NCAT is a place to find the best aviation school in Nigeria if you are interested to get close partnership with domestic airlines all you need do is join the NCAT. Hence, you become a pilot.

NCAT is one of the first aviation colleges in Nigeria which train various prospective students. Provided you want to become a pilot and ensure you enter the best institution which trains pilots, NCAT is very well available for you. The school fees is very much affordable, for further enquire you can simply visit the school official website.

5. Universal School of Aviation

Universal School of Aviation has international connections with a lot of air companies around the world. The students gets a job immediately without going to search for job after their graduation. The following are the courses available for admission below;

  • Hotel Management
  • FIATA/IATA Training
  • Electronic Booking Tools
  • Flight Attendant
  • Travel and Tourism Management
  • Air Ticketing and Reservation.

Definitely, one get a high-quality Tutor who will show you the proper directives of every course and discipline. The above are all the benefit of universal Aviation School.

  • UAS School Fees

The duration of the training is mainly dependent on course you select. According to the Universal School of Aviation, most courses cost N50, 000. Still, you must expect that the pilot training can cost up to 7 million Naira. If you want to enter this institution, you have to pay at least 50% of course fee. You can also have 10% of the tuition fee off as discount. There are two options to get this discount

  1. Your sibling should also enroll into one of the courses.
  2. You should have a proof that you are a child from a low-income family.


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